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  1. thanks for the replies DCfish (my long lost brutha :) ) and Bob. I will try the gas and resetting the ECU and the beer. I will let you guys know as soon as I do, and will probably throw in some injector cleaner on the next tank. thanks again, fish
  2. Hello, I have a 1998 GS 300. within the past week it has started running a little rough at statrtup when it is cold but went away after a few minutes. Today, after it was warm, it started missing badly on acceleration and also poping/backfiring from the engine; at the front of the car, not at the back from the exhaust. Sort of like what might happen with a cracked distributor on an older model car. it idles fine and seems to run well as long as O dont give it much acceleration. there is no check engine light on. I took it to advanced auto and got a code read which showed no codes. we tried to replicate it by advancing the throttle while parked and it seemed to run perfect. Once I left and the car was under load again, it did the same thing; missing and popping from the engine. Does anyone have any thoughts where to start? thank you very much for any ideas or suggestions anyone may have. Jody.
  3. I've taken the door panel off of my 02 gs3, its not too difficult to remove just make sure you find where all the screws are. I'd say just take a look at it to see if anything is obviously out of place. If the power window motor is going visit a junk yard. Thank you djspawn00, I will give it a shot.
  4. I have a 98' gs300. Recently, the driver side window started making a really funny noise- kinda like fingernails on a black board but much lower pitch. Its hard hard to explain, it is not a scrtaching sound and it only happens when the motor is going up, not going down. Anyone have any ideas what it could be and how to possibly fix it (other than taking it to the dealership for a good !Removed!)? thanks in advance for any suggestions any of you might have, fish
  5. thanks 92lex, that is one of two problems I have been having with my 98 gs300t hat I was hoping to find an answer here for. thanks, fish
  6. I have the same thing (98' gs300) but have not figured out why. I was starting to wonder if it might have to do with the brakes in some way. I don't seeem to get it accelerating.
  7. I don't have your answers, but the controler you are looking for is in the driver rear quarter panel. Take the tail light out and look up inside the hole where the light was. you will see a black box, that is the controller. There are a bunch of wires there that you can tap into if you want to (color coordinated with regular trailer codes), or you can replace the whole thing. BTW, a guy at U-haul told me he could replace it with a new one for $75 for what ever that is worth. good luck, fish
  8. I actually have not tried another CD in there yet, I have been using an mp3 player through the radio instead. I am going to give it a shot sooner or later, it just became a personal quest to recover the CD's and not let the nakamichi win. :chairshot: The stereo works fine as does the display. I'll let you know about the changer as soon as I find some sacrificial cds. :D
  9. I had the same problem. I asked here but did not get any response either. :( Anyway, I took mine a part today and got the cd's out so I figured I would try to buck the trend and help others. the trim is held in with clips. I used two small flat head screwdrivers. I took one and carefully inserted it in between the wood trim and the console. Gently pry the trim away from the console. Put the other one in there to hold your progress and gradually work your way around the wood trim with the other screwdriver gently prying the trim loose. Once you have it out, let it rest on your shifter or on the center console (there are some wires attached keeping you from moving it too far away). The stereo is held in with 4 large philips screws. unscrew them and it the stereo will slide out. Detach the antenna wire, another wire, and a large wire harness from the back of the stereo. Now that the stereo is out, you will have to remove the cover from the back and bottom of the stereo. there are a bunch of small screws to do it. I probably took too much apart since at this point you can use a small flat head to push the cd's out from the back (they will slide out the front slot). Be careful not to break off the computer cables (flat amber colored things that run along the inside wall of the stereo). you can unhook it by gently removing the little white plastic retaining clip, but I would try to do the job without going this far. screw the covers back on, reconnect the wires and reinstall. The whole thing took me about an hour, and I was sort of feeling my way along scared I would break something, or damage the trim. Some of the folks on here could probably do it in about 15 minutes, but I am a rookie. Good luck, fish
  10. just curious, how did you get the stereo out?? I am having the same problem and cannot figure out how to remove it. Thanks, fish
  11. SWEEEET!!!!! Cant wait to hear and see more (pics) about the finished product.
  12. hi tuttz, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I already bit the bullet. I am sure it will come up again with another member though and a search will reveal this thread. Thanks again, Fish
  13. I am not an expert in any way, but here is a thought. I beleive the master cylinder booster is an elecric pump in your assembly that maintains a certain amount of pressure. As you brake and the pressure changes, the pump kicks in as needed. Lexus says they only sell the entire assembly and it is VERY expensive. Is it possible that when they fixed your brakes, they changed the fluid level or got air in the system and now the MCB cannot restore the fluid pressure to a level needed to stop your car? Like I said, I am not an expert- I am a victim of a similar situation. I hope you have better luck than I did... I still cannot sit down :(
  14. thanks bluelex, I appreciate the advice. Can you recommend a race ECU? Is that dificult to install piggy backed to the stock ECU? Sorry if I sound like a moron, but if the shoe fits... ;) fish