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  1. Well on the JDM spec which is the soarer twin turbo i believe the stock is 280hp as it carries the same engine as the supra.
  2. Engineer at the power company.
  3. Ok a friend of mine had that same problem with the dash on his car and he tracked it down to an ic(integrated circuit) that was bad.... as soon as i find out exactly which ic i'll post as i have that same problem with the dash.
  4. :( I just got my "new" '92 sc300 as usual there is a but. I only got one key. Unfortunately in my small island i cannot get copies made. Can anyone give me a suggestion on where and how i can get a copy? Thanks
  5. NCAA = National Collegiante Athletics Association ( forgive my spelling) their annual basketball tournament is going on and that attracts alot of attention. By the way which football team do you support in England?? And pls don't tell me Arsenal or Liverpool! My bad you live in Liverpool :(...........GO MAN U!!!!!!!! B)
  6. Is it me or has the traffic through this forum slowed? :(
  7. I think its one of your belts. When was the last time you had them changed? An easy way to find out is to just pour a little water on them and start the vehicle, u'll hear if the noise went down or disappeared completely.
  8. Just out of curiousity , what type of music do you guys listen to when driving? I'm partial to alternative rock (Trust co., Default) and dancehall reggae (Beenie man, Bounty Killer).
  9. When u put it like that B) Ur right....Baby steps first....700HP??? hey i only looking to reach 350hp, at most 450...o well <_<
  10. Would a twin turbo supra's AEM Stand Alone Engine Management System be compatible with that of a toyota soarer twin turbo? If not where could i lay my hands on a kit like that for the soarer and at what price?
  11. I fear no woman on the street, not even if u give her a dodge viper and i have a mini cooper! :P lol!
  12. I can't believe you're asking me that :( I'm so disappointed in you. It's like will you be meeting your wife at the alter? Okay maybe not THAT bad but yes i will be, i've actually taken that week off from work so i can take care of everything, maybe even give it a new paint job if the colour is too faded that week and 'bring it out' on the friday B)
  13. AWJ how do you think the 1jz compares to the 2JZ-GE ?
  14. My soarer should be here at the end of the month :D. What price does the blow off valve go for? And what kind of a deal could u get on a good down pipe? I figure with that i'm cool, i'm just a street racer for fun not for money so i don't need much power and where i live, with our roads, that should be more than enough :D. p.s. Zeta anytime you want to go for a spin just give a holla B)
  15. Apart from the Injen intake system is there any other out there? And which would you recommend?
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