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  1. My daily driver is an 04 ES330. They only thing this car has tasted is Mobil 1 5W-30 along with an OEM filter. Car runs like a top and it has 317,000 miles. Dieing to buy another but too cheap to put this reliable car to bed.
  2. Lalo039 - I had the same problem with my '04 es330. I purchased what I thought were OEM replacements and my headlights would not consistently illuminate. I too was going to replace the ballast as I thought that must be the problem. In a last ditch effort I bought another set of halogen bulbs, this time from the Lexus the dealer. I quickly discovered that two slightly different bulbs were used for during the '04 model year. When I replaced the bulbs with the exact OEM bulb for my VIN, they worked great. That was 30,000 miles ago and the replacement bulbs are working perfectly. No replace
  3. Getting a buzz from the rear door speaker. Anyone know how to remove door panel?
  4. Another newb here...looks like the part is readily available on Ebay and the like. I sure would appreciate anyone insight regarding how to do the replacement. Presumably I will need to remove the door panel but am unsure how to do that on the 330. Any help out there?
  5. I concur. I have a set of Rhino's which are unbelievably light and indestructable...perfect for the DIYfer.
  6. Have put on about 70k of enjoyable miles on my '04 ES330. I change my own oil regularly but have never replaced the transmission fluid and am unsure of the procedure. As a DIY job how would you rate the difficulty? I did a search and hopefully did not overlook a desciption of the procedure and finally, do I need to replace a filter too? Thanks in advance for guidance. Regards, Greg
  7. I'll guess they checked and then increased your tire pressure a bit.
  8. It is beginning to get cold in Columbus and I would love to install a remote starter on my '04 ES330. A tech at Mobile Electronics confirmed that they can install a remote starter but noted that the remote door lock mechanism will be disabled. In other words, I'll have to open the driver door with the key....the inhumanity of it all! He demonstrated the situation by using my key to start the car and then tried to lock, unlock the doors and open the trunk using the respective bottons on the key and all mechanisms were unresponsive while the car was running...bummer. Perhaps those with a rem
  9. :D Hit menu, then hit the volume icon. Then hit the upper left speaker icon, the lower left corner (no icon), the upper left speaker icon again, and the lower left corner again. It brings up a system menu that has the NAV override on it. (Plus many other items that I don't know what they do). If this doesn't work, let me know. I have a 2006 300 awd that it worked on. ← brn2rnjk1, you are a to enable the navigation system to receive commands while moving has been an unanswered topic for a long time. Your info works thanks! As fate would have
  10. Germain Lexus of Columbus evidently correctly diagnosed my rattle which is no more after they "removed rear seats and tightened V-Brace nuts and bolts" per the shop receipt. They also replaced my rear door seals for good measure. :D
  11. Is that to say that the disk you received was North America W41 D data version 4.2 too? I am hoping that the new version I received did include additional streets, maps and points of interest relative to the original and was not merely a software upgrade that fixed a problem I never seemed to experience in the first place.
  12. Earlier this month Lexus issued a notice regarding "2004 through early 2005 model year Lexus navigation system software update". My '04 330 came with North America D data version 03.2 They replaced that with North America W41 D data version 4.2 I have no idea whether I received only a software upgrade to repair the "anomalies" or I also picked up new streets and POIs. I didn't think the new DVD was out yet for ES330 and, with that in mind, I may have been better off delaying the "repair" to maximize the benefit.
  13. I have an '04 ES330. Like Lexusk8 mentioned, I have a high/low switch. The reason I'm chimming in is because I wish high was hotter than it is. I was wondering whether it was adjustable as well. Regards
  14. Sal's Dad, I have a similar experience with my 04 es330. I thought the rear driver side door was ajar, reached around, spilled my coffee and found that it was tight. It is more of a rattle than a thump. Perhaps you wouldn't mind sitting in my back seat with a stethescope while I drive through pot holes...could you hold my coffee too :)
  15. CPA and an Internal Audit Group Manager of a midwest bank. Micro beer money comes from a side job in personal tax preparation. I look forward to the day we can all file our tax return on the back of a post card. I’d be out of the tax business but a person shouldn’t need a beer drinking CPA to prepare their return in the first place. Car history includes a snazzy Chevy Chevette, a veritible chick magnet at Ohio Northern Univ, followed briefly by a Dodge Dart, then a favorite…a 67 Tempest, then a wonderfully reliable 94 Camry on which I put on 220K over 10 years and now an ES330…I am spoiled
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