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  1. 2001 Ls430 Center Wheel Cap Removal

    Where did you buy the center cap? How much was the cost? ThankYou
  2. headlight discoloration

    I used "WIPE NEW HEADLIGHT RESTORE" on 2008 RX350 it worked. Just follow instructions
  3. Drivers side mirror does not work

    Sae thing clean the dashboard switch with contact cleaner
  4. On my RX350 2008, I broke the whole blade following video above. Now I take the whole blade off by removing plastic cap then the nut and replace rubber insert with Toyota insert bought from Toyota dealer. Replace whole blade and cap. P.S. I didn't turn it more then 60 degrees. It broke because it's made out of plastic. Plastic cap pops off with screw driver. IBIS58
  5. Get a refill from Toyota its cheaper. Watch this Toyota video same for RX350 only lift blade up no more then 60 degrees before snapping blade out. Or remove cap first. Gently pull blade insert out from the middle. The video: Good Luck
  6. 2001 Ls 430 Door Speakers

    You can have the speaker refoamed. Here is one site: http://www.simplyspeakers.com/lexus-mark-levinson-speaker-repair.html Google "Speaker refoam Mark Levinson" for others.
  7. Observed Difference In Sythetic Oil Mobil 1

    Do you an Independent Lexus Mechanic in Palm Beach County that is not our local Lexus dealer?