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  1. I need help finding the factory adjustment for the 2 screws on the throttle body please!
  2. Once you get it loose you can maneuver it around and drop it from the bottom. Just becarful of your trans lines.
  3. Not sure but i know i have 2 catalytic converters for sure, but im not sure whats after the 2 cats.Is it another converter or something else?
  4. The feature to control all the windows to go up in down is a ground trigger. If there is a after market alarm it could be a relay. If its factory it could be the factory module in the driver door going bad and send out the signal. The problem has to be in the driver door because it controls all the others
  5. Do you have after market alarm? Not really sure on how system work but I can ask my brother since he does alarms and stuff. On my car if I put my key in the driver door and unlock it and hold it all my windows and sun roof will open. If I lock and hold it everything closes. The clicking noise has to be them unlocking and holding the pulse until everything closes. Does it ever do the oppisite and close ur windows? Could be a loose wire or bad controller on the key cylinder. Does your car have that oppition? Put ur key in the hold it in the unlock position.
  6. Picked up a used srt kit the other and got it installed this morning. After installing the intake without the air filter (needed to by a new one) and little ecu the car had a low idle. I thought it would correct its self after getting the filter. During the 3 min ride to the auto parts store I could feel the difference. Not so much when punchng it but around 1.5 2000 rpm. After getting to the store and buying the filter I went out disconnected the battery poped on the filter and reconnected the battery. The cars idel was got worse and kept dieing. I got the on eway and played with it but the idel never corrected its self. It kept dieing if I didn't get it some gas. When I got home I pulled the srt ecu and the idle was fine. The car had a slight hesitation when punching it in drive not park. Did I miss something or do something wrong. If you think it will be easier to explain or help trouble shoot email me and I will respond with my number andrewmoctezuma@gmail.com. thanks!!
  7. Just an idea when i was under my car. Wasnt too such on where it was located but thought if it was in the oil pan it would be and easy job.
  8. ALSO, your old cats are worth money. When i do mines i got a guy to give me 120 each.. $160 each new that will the cut the cost way down and make it affordable.
  9. How does the car idle? Any check engine light?
  10. Has anyone replaced there oil pump on a 400? Ive been looking around and cant even find one. Does it exists?
  11. i had a noise i swore was coming from my dash. I never took it out but crawled under a few times to check alarm wires or loose relays but nope. Even pulled out my sunroof tube (took forever to put back) but the that wasnt it. Then i realized it was coming from outside threw the fender so i took it off too. NOPE! After bouncing the car for a few i noticed the nice and pin pointed it down to the strut mount. Replace the mounts and struts and it was gone. Anyone looking for struts this website sells KYB parts at a good price Justsuspensions.com got the mounts and struts for under 215 shipped. Mention there advertisement on amazon to get that price or they will charge about $20 more.
  12. my engine light comes and goes for my cats. Dirty cats can take away from the cars performance depending on how bad. It can also effect your o2 sensors in the long run. Id replace them with the factory ones. Cost more but less work and no welds to rust. Cheapest direct fit i found was here http://www.car-stuff.com/mmparts/lexus-gs4..._converter.html. If anyone know where to get a better price please post.
  13. 168xxx.....even tho it runs fine i wish it be under 50,000 so i can do it all again
  14. HOT DAM! My dad had a problem like this but not a lexus it was a van. We were on St.Louis farrrrr from home and the van started running like *BLEEP*. He ended up cutting the cat off but that wasnt the problem. It ended up being a short and the injector was stuck open. Have you fixed the problem yet?