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  1. Josh; I had the same issue with vibration at 65 mph with my 2005 with 130K miles. I thought I needed new front shock absorbers - the tire guy at the dealership recommended road force balancing for all wheels. I had them road force balanced, and all vibration issues went away. No amount of conventional balancing cured it; $160 and well worth it.
  2. Mike: I've had 4 snows on my 94 in Denver the past 11 years, no problems getting around town except the foot deep snowfalls. I always kept a set of chains in back - just in case. Actually used them one afternoon, fantastic self-help to get out of an off-camber rise. This car is now surplus; I have a '14 IS-250 and a '13 RX250. It is gold with 181K, service records back to 2001 as a CPO unit. If you have any interest, send me a text to (303) 881-4401. Cheers, Mick
  3. Hello Mario. I am about to lease a new IS-250, and my trusty '94 LS400, gold with 179K will be surplus. I've had it 11 years, serviced every 3000 miles, new timing belt, steering rack and shocks, and instrument cluster. Great car, straight body, just time for something newer. Email me at if you have any interest, and I can send you some pics. Mick
  4. Thanks CuriousB. It started working properly by itself. Must be due for a cleaning.
  5. My 17 year old son has taken over the '94 LS400 for the past 18 months; proud to say that he is taking good care of it - up to 165,000 miles now. The shift interlock solenoid suddenly quit working - the shift lever can move from park through all of the gear positions without the key being turned on, or the brake pedal being depressed. Like the good old days. I note that the solenoid is fused with the ECU and remote door locks. These all function fine. I presume this is just a solenoid replacement? Mick
  6. I had the same issues with the chrome rims on my '94 LS. I had Discount Tire swab each rim with sealer, and install snow tires on all 4 rims.These rims were corroded in the baead area, which was the source of the leaks. I then went out and bought a second set of rims for summer duty. With two sets of tires and rims, Discount swaps them out and balances for free each season. I thought it was a pretty good deal.
  7. I had Jim Walker in California do my dash circuit board a couple of years ago. My mechanic removed it, sent it off, and replaced it while I was on vacation. Totoal cost installed was around $300. No problems since then. Mr. Walker's service is highly recommend. Mick
  8. I just ordered and installed (2) new hood struts, part # 4572/10727 from LiftSupportsDepot, out of Carlsbad, CA. I paid $25 each, plus ground freight, and they came complete with the correct ball joint fittings. Perfect fit, with no alterations required. 1/2 hour job, and now I can throw away that broomstick prop! For reference, their website is Mick
  9. My water pump gave out at 130,000 miles, so it was time to change the belts, pulleys and pump. The belt did have surface crazing and minor cracking, whcih we had been keeping an eye on. Now, for a grand, she's good to go for another 130K.
  10. Craig: AOL won't let me open the video, however my '94 with 125,000 does 60 in about the 8 - 9 sec range, even in the thinner air of Denver. Mick
  11. Note that in the Owner's manual, if you don't use the vehicle for "Taxi or Police" there is no requirement to change the timing belt at any particular mileage. Routine inspections are all that are required. If the water pump or tensioner are giving problems, this is an obvious time to do the complete job. Otherwise for normal driving, don't fix it if it's not broken. Mick
  12. NC211: This may be obvious, but are all 4 tires the same? I put standard snows on the rear of my '94, and it tram-lined all winter. I didn't believe the tire boys when they suggested a full set of H rated snow tires. I have been very pleased to put the everyday M&S tires back on. No more darting for the bushes. The thing was close to dangerous on dry highway at 65 mph. I put it down to the different tread width, plus sidewall construction. Mick
  13. I recommend Comprehensive Car Care, 701 E. Evans, Denver, 80210 (303) 722-0888 Jeff / Joe I have used these guys to service my '94 LS for the past 2-1/2 years. Very honest, upstanding people, reasonable rates. Mick
  14. How do you buy the shims? Do you measure the individual clearances, note the existing shim thickness, add the required differential measurement, and then purchase just the shims required? Or does Toyota supply a "variety shim pack"? Mick
  15. Gumart: I would suggest you take your multimeter, and check charging voltage, which should be above 14 volts, with engine running and all accessories off. Leave the engine idling and come back in 10 minutes, and make sure the voltage regulator is doing its job and keeping the overvoltage at 14 or better. Then shut it down, and place the ammeter into the battery circuit, and see what the current drain is for security system, etc. Take the battery amp/hour rating and divide by the drain rate; this will give you a rough clue to how long you should expect a new battery to last. I'm not sure what
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