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  1. I bring mine to a Toyota dealer for about 1/4 the price of a Lexus dealer and you know that they know what they're doing. Here are some Toyota service coupons for my dealer in Daly City, but you can probably get your local dealer to match the prices.
  2. You can go to a Toyota dealer for a lot less than Lexus. City Toyota in Daly City has a coupon for timing belt replacement for $189
  3. Yeah go to a Toyota dealer and save big. I take my LS400 to City Toyota in Daly City CA for oil changes $30, Scheduled Maintenance $80 and I can buy parts at a big discount. There are a bunch of Toyota coupons on this site, Most dealers will except them.
  4. You can use Toyota parts for your Lexus in some cases. This Toyota dealer offers a 20% off coupon and you can order online They also have service coupons that your local dealer may match if you don't live in the Bay Area.
  5. I just searched on ebay for 'REPAIR LEXUS INSTRUMENT CLUSTER" and I found a place that rebuilds the instrument panel for $175 + $20 shipping. Don't remember if it's the same place I used 4 years ago but they have a good rating on ebay. Here's the link
  6. Hmmm. I wonder how they got all the books on CD? It looks legit. Perhaps someone at the pulisher? They are all PDF's. The label on the CD looks phoney though. I guess the could have scanned each page in the book, but it doesn't look like they did. It's very high quality. Does anyone else know if they ever had the repair manuals on CD? Maybe the dealers had it digitally? Lexus never sold Manual CDs, only the hard copy books. (softcover) i know, i have one :P
  7. I had the instrument cluster rebuilt for around $200 thru an outfit on ebay. It was for my 94 LS. They gave me instructions to remove it. I packed and mailed it and in about 10 days got it back. Everything went great. Just search on ebay for "Lexus Instument Cluster Repair" or "Climate Repair"
  8. I have the complete repair manual on CD for 98-00 LS400. It has Chassis, Body & Electrical I got on Ebay for only $35. Not sure if the guy who sold it to me is boot legging them or what but it appears complete. Does anyone know what the genuine Lexus manual on CD looks like? This one has a gold label with year make model on it and 2 small Lexus logos.
  9. I'm not sure if I actually have to remove the headlights as with older models. Just thought that someone here had done it before.
  10. Hi, I replaced my bulbs in my old 94 LS400 which was a pain but I did it. Now I have a 98, does anyone know the procedure? Is it more difficult because of the auto leveler thing? Should I do all the bulbs while I'm in there? Also, anyone know where to find a repair manual for under $50? Thanks
  11. I always stay away from the dealers and find a good "independent" shop that I trust. We have a paper in San Francisco area called the SF Advertiser They have a bunch of coupons online and in their paper for dealers and independent shops. They also have 20% off Toyota dealer parts which may in some cases be interchangable with Lexus parts. I have found a few mechanics in there that I trust. My brake job on my 98 LS was $175 with Lexus pads including resurfacing. The mechanic that worked on my car was actually a Lexus dealer mechanic at one time.
  12. I used mid grade in my 94 LS for over 50K with no knocking or any other probs
  13. Someone told me I can have calls routed from my cell phone to the integrated phone in my 98 LS400 at no cost. Anyone ever heard of this?
  14. I'm fairly handy, but for the life of me I can't see how to replace the outside tail light bulbs in my 94 LS. Do I need to pry out the covers?
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