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  1. I have an '08 RX 350 with 137,000 miles on it, and was thinking of trading for a 450H. I'm so glad I found this topic because the increased mpg was my only incentive to trade! My Brandywine baby is performing perfectly, so I'll forget this trade idea and get over the new car fever!
  2. I am on my third Lexus. The first was a ES300 and I liked it but had a hard time getting in and out with my bad back. Traded it for a 2000 RX 300 and was totally in love for over 200,000 miles when the transmission went out. It required very little other than regular maintenance and gas. I just had to have the newer 2008 Brandywine, and have been so very unhappy with it. Today at 73,000 miles I had to have a wheel bearing replaced. It sounded like a tire out of round but that wasn't the issue. I've had many cars in my 63 years and have never had to replace a wheel bearing!!! There have been several issues with this Lexus, and I feel I have a lemon. BUT, I have a beautiful lemon and I prefer it over any other I could own. Thinking about the newer model and whether I should go for it since I've never been really happy with this one. If I had only had this one and never experienced the other two great ones I owned I'd probably feel the same way and wonder why anybody would buy it.
  3. 2000 rx300 fwd almost 198,000 troublefree miles. just add gas and keep the oil changed. don't live anywhere near a lexus dealer, so have never had any fluids flushed or major service by the dealer. did have a couple of sensors replaced. i love this car and wish i could depend on another 100,000 but who knows. nobody can believe it is this old with these miles on it and still look great!
  4. Gosh, I was considering an 08 a few days ago but was quoted $41,500 so yours was a good deal as far as I'm concerned. I didn't like the color (bamboo pearl), and it was the only 08 left with nav. May just wait for the new 10's since the style is changing.