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  1. I faced the same situation. I already order the key form ebay. I can't get it cut anywhere. Sucks.
  2. I stumbled on the website about recall. recall I went to the dealer to confirm. They told there's no recall. Does anyone know there's recall on 2003 model?
  3. I know I'm in the wrong forum. For some reason I can't post it on GX470 forum. I figure GX has the same drive train as LX. I have 2003 GX470 with 92K miles. Right after warranty ran out, I discovered the leak from the black box underneath the car. I wonder if I can DIY to fix this? How much it will cost me for DIY vs let stealer does it? Please see the picture (I borrow this picture from gthoman since we have the same exact problem and model). See the red circle. Thanks
  4. gthoman, can you provide the link to your new post on this issue. I couldn't find your post on GX470. I have the same exact problem. GX470 is very trouble free up until right after my warranty ran out at 90k. thanks
  5. Sir, There's no Sub-Forum for GX470. Maybe I'm looking at wrong place. Please help. I'm confused.
  6. Every time I try to post a new thread or topic in GX470 forum, I have 'no permission' error. Though, I was able to respond to the existing thread. And I am able to post it here. Moderator would be able to tell me why. thanks
  7. 2003 GX470. My wife drove off the show room. it had 8 miles. it's now 92k (in 7 years).