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  1. I'll give that a look; maybe I am running too many apps, or maybe having radio on at same time is the problem? But it seemed to be fine when I first got the vehicle. I thought maybe an iOS update had caused it Thanks for your input!
  2. Lately I have started experiencing this weird delay when using Google Maps on my iPhone and sending it via Bluetooth (or is it Carplay?) to the car's radio. When it gives directions, the 1st word or so is not heard e.g. instead of "turn left in 400 feet, it will just say 400 feet" Anyone else had that problem, and found out hwy?
  3. While my wife was driving our 2017 Lexus RX350 (luxury package) there were 3 short & quick warning bells. It happened twice. What does that mean?
  4. Romie - did u ever get a reply? I'm in the same boat in that I want to replace my blown sub-woofer in my '01 LS430
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