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  1. I don't think there is any question as to whether Mobil and Amsoil synthetics are better than regular motor oil. All the specs show that synthetics are better. The key question is, as you point out, "Are they worth it?" I think of it as a treat for the car and nothing more. I do the fluid changes myself and only buy Mobil 1 on sale plus I joined the Mobil rebate club to help narrow the cost difference. glenmore 1990 LS400 1991 300CE 2000 C280 As one who has taken the science approach to the oil (synthetic/petro) question. On my 99 SC400, I ran a series of tests with Mobil 1, Amsoil and Castrol GTX. After each run, I drained the oil and had it analyzed by a lab in Oakland , CA. Castrol GTX is BAD after 5000 miles, thus 3000 would not be a bad change interval. Mobil 1 could run for 10K miles and still be considered serviceable but with a low level of additives. Amsoil could be run for the same 10K miles but had a higher level of additives remaining. Both synths had a TBN (total base number) indicating serviceable oil. Both synths had lower metal particle counts than the Castrol. My engine had very balanced compression (+/- 2 PSI) on all eight cylinders and burned no appreciable oil for all these tests and it's life. Here is my conclusion. Synthetics pay off for long drain cycles (10K miles). The Amsoil method of changing the filter and adding a quart maintains the anti-wear additives BUT if there is a problem, like fuel / coolant dilution, the problem is compounded by not doing a complete drain. I run a pure synth of wide viscosity range (10-50) and do a complete change on 10K miles PLUS use a very good filter (not FRAM).
  2. Hi JD where did you find the SS brake hoses?? I need them for my 99 SC400. Thx. RedrocketGEM@aol.com
  3. :cries: Where does one find a DOT approved set of SS brake hoses?? I would REALLY like hoses that have a outer coating also so no braid shows. I have tried Technafit and Earls but cannot find a ready made set with an outer jacket. Thx
  4. :) THANKS I will give it a look.
  5. I have searched the forums and stuckout on trying to find a new set for trunk lifts for my car. I can find them for 91-96 or w/o spoiler. BUT NO aftermarket for a 99 with spoiler. Contacted Lexus and they confirmed these lifts are different between 96 & 97. I tried Rock Auto and Lift Supports.com among others. Any other ideas anyone???i Lexus price is $123 each.
  6. My 99 SC400 has two temp.sensors I would like to know the location of. Where is the sensor for the outside air temp. that reads out on the dashboard?? Secondly, where is the inside temp sensor that controls the inside climate control? HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Thx :)
  7. :D Thanks guys. I will check the ball joints, & springs. Replacing the front pads is the next item on my list along with installng SS hoses and flushing the system.
  8. My SC goes CLUNK when ever I step on the brakes going in reverse then goes CLUNK again when going forward. This only occurs the first time I hit the brakes after a direction change (forward/reverse). In prior forms there was a discussion about the pads moving in the calipers when going in a different direction. Does anyone know of clips/springs that stop tyhis annoying sound. My friends Camry uses small springs to push the pads one way and stops the sound. Thx
  9. The code is an OBDII code for a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) Use Dogpile or Google (if you must) to get a OBDII code reference. OBDII stands for OnBoard Diagnostics version 2. Good luck. I don't believe the horn is related to the airbag but checking ALL the fuses always helps.
  10. I would agree my '99 will play either CDR or CR-RW.. HOWEVER, the CD label is ANOTHER matter. You may use a paper adhesive label ONLY on disc withOUT a writing surface. If your CD's have a writable surface then use a Sharpie. The writable surface is textured to allow writing BUT that means the label will not stick as well. In a place where the CD may get warm the labels can come off very soon and that's LETHAL to players. Regards
  11. :( does anyone know what he drive cycle is for a 99 SC400. My "Check Engine " light came on because of a loose gas cap. What do I have to do, beside hooking up a OBD computer, to clear the DTC and the lighyt. Thx <_<
  12. I got the (99 SC400) owners manuals FREE directly from Lexus Customer Service when I registered the car with them. Also by registering, the dealers can cut a key from the code book or from Newell in Texas via Internet or phone. The service manuals are best found on Ebay. BEWARE, there are lots of auctions for manuals on CD which are NOT Lexus/Toyota real manuals. For my 99 there are 3 total books. :o
  13. been using amsoil for years and it works. I am doing longer drains also. But do a search since I have posted on this product may many times. I know many people that are doing well over 20K drains and the oil tests fine! But as of 11-1-2005. The new oil filters (eA) are good for 25K miles or 1-years. The old SDF filters were 6 months or 12K miles; but many go longer on the SDF and they are fine. The SDF oil filters will not be around much longer since they stopped making them. All new filters will be the 25K ones once the sdf oil filters run out. The trick with any long drain interval oils is the replacment fo the additives. Most syn. oils will go 50 K miles IF you could replace the additives. The base oil stock is very long lasting. The PROPER way to do long drain is to use the Amsoil oil analysis service. It's about $30-$40 for an analysis. Mine is in Oakland, CA and great with questions. I learned over the years that I can easily go 10K on Mobile 1 w/o a filter change, and 25K on Amsoil with filter change. HOWEVER, the cost of Amsoil is greater. So I use Mobile 1 (red cap only: gotten on sale) and loose 10K change interval along with a WIX filter. But again the real answer is oil analysis. Regards
  14. Look up doing a timing belt. Both are frequently done together at the belt change time.
  15. Are you sure the brakes are different between the 300 & 400??? I have am considering keeping the stock calipers and going to SS braided brake hoses. ANY OPINIONS/IDEAS
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