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  1. May I change my Username which is macdoogle, to my Member name which is macz? I Searched and found a recommendation to contact the Admin for username changes. I PM "Steve" the Admin but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm sure there are many members requesting help from the Admin, so I'm not sure my request won't fall thru the cracks. I don't want to open another account as my username would still be active, and I could not use it with a new account. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks macz
  2. I have a set of OEM 17x8 5 spoke 1999 GS400 wheels. Even though the bolt pattern is the same, will they replace my 04 IS300 OEM 17x7 wheels without rubbing? Anybody done this? (Plan is to use my OEM size IS300 tires)
  3. I'm in the process of changing wheels and tires also. This tire calculator link has been very helpful because you can match tire diameters and widths of several tires at once.
  4. lol...........not my car, I uploaded a pic of the first car I could find with the wheels I'm looking for. Thus my question about tire size. But you're right that is a good color
  5. Will 245/45/17 tires on OEM 17"x8" 5 spoke wheels rub on a 99 GS400 or 99 GS300?
  6. I have a 99 GS300 with factory recommeded 215/60/16 tires. I am looking to purchase OEM GS400 17"x8" 5 spoke wheels. The factory recommeded tire size for the GS400 is 235/45/17. I checked a tire calculator and found the GS400 tire (235/45/17) is .83 smaller than mine, which is more than 3/4 of an inch SMALLER in diameter. It caused a red flag on the tire calculator chart because it's more than a 3% difference. I am considering using a larger tire, the 245/45/17 (.47 smaller) but because it's wider I don't know if it will RUB the steering knuckle inside the wheelwell. The steering knuckle has about 1" clearance from the tires presently, with my 16"x7" OEM wheels. With all that said, my question is: Has anybody used this tire size (245/45/17) on a GS300, with Oem 17x8 GS400 5 spoke wheels. And what sizes have you used that worked with this wheel. I assumed that a GS300 and 400 were the same car except for the drive train. Am I wrong? Also I was thinking of purchasing replica wheels from Anybody had any experiences with their wheels?
  7. Thanks, I"ve been looking on ebay and other websites....I've considered buying the 17"replica wheels instead of OEM, but I've read good and bad opinions about them. I'm not sure if the bad opinions didn't originate with wheel sellers that don't carry replicas...hmmmm. Any thoughts? I've also posted a want ad in Chattanooga Tn's under "wanted to buy" I'm still looking so if anyone has a set let me know. thanks macz
  8. Got a set of original GS 400/430 17" wheels in good condition?
  9. THANK YOU GUYS LOVE THIS FORUM RESPECT U ALL KENNY My 95 GS300: 75mph=2600rpm. I was curious after reading your post, so while on the hwy today I checked.
  10. I've noticed that the instrument lights only, will sometimes get brighter as I apply the brakes, and the headlights will dim very slightly. The flickering speedo needle is not related to the brakes or brake lights. Thanks again for the heads up on flickering needles being a common problem.
  11. I just purchased 95 GS300 (100Kmiles) in excellent condition, I noticed the speedo and rpm needles would blink sometimes. After driving more I've noticed the instrument lights, and headlights (barely noticed headlights) dim when I apply the brakes or use turn signals. I'm thinking there is a loose electrical connection somewhere, but other than checking my battery leads, I'm lost. I would like to check the connections feeding the fuses, but I don't have an electrical diagram yet. I don't even have an owners manual, someone took it out of the car before I bought it :-( Anyone know how to fix this? I'm afraid I will end up without lights in the near future.
  12. I just bought an immaculate one owner 95 GS300 with 100k miles. I noticed that part of the speedometer needle flashes, is this an easy fix or an instrument cluster replacement fix?