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  1. Just saw this question. Attached is a page from the 2004 Shop Manual for the ES330. Seems to show the antenna on the underside of the dash.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I looked over the engine and it looks fairly easy to change the filter. I just received a notice from my local Toyota dealer (owned by the same family as the Lexus dealer) for an oil change with "genuine" Toyota oil and filter for $24.95. Sounds like the same as what you would get at Lexus. This might also be the way to go. See what I feel like doing when 10k arrives. Don't know what the Toyota labor rate is but Lexus is $93 an hour.
  3. Had the 30 day/1000 mile service today. Told the service rep that there was a noise in the right rear door. When we picked up the car he told us that a batch of cars went out without the proper foam blocks in the door. They had a TSB and did whatever they had to do. No noise now but I thought they had this fixed since I have been reading posts about it for a few model years back. Car was built in November, 2003. I asked the dealer how much the third service (1 yr./10,000 mi.) would cost. He said $249.00. I suspect that by the time I make it to 10,000 miles it will be higher. He mentioned chan
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