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  1. flaco

    Rear seat removal

    I installed a small camera in rear of car and ran the power wires thru the trunk lid. Now I need to remove the rear seat in order to get the wires into the car and into the center console sig. lighter. HELP I,m stuck!. How do I remove the rear seat and the seatback as well?
  2. flaco

    Lexus Parts

    Unless you are in a hurry, check Ebay. I bought one there once for a song but it took a couple of months before I found the right one. Happy new year and happy shopping...
  3. flaco

    P0601 Error Code

    When a computer processor first powers up, it does a checksum calculation. It is a mathematical calculation on al the bits and bytes in the memory. If all is well it comes up with a specific sum (checksum) which is compared with a checksum stored in memory. If they don't match, you get this error. Somewhere, the memory has a wrong bit. It is just an annoying thing and in the end your car can't pass inspection even though there is nothing wrong with it. Only fix is to replace that ECM. I don't know where it is, hope someone else can tell you. I'm a retired electronics engineer, not a car mechanic.
  4. I have been using regular gas in my 99 LS400 for a while now, mainly due to the cost and the car runs really well, no knocking, very smooth, good pickup. However recently the engine light came on and I found the Po171 problem. I know generally what that means and a few things that can be checked but the question here is: Is this due to the use of low octane gas and will it harm anything else? There is also a strong smell from the exhaust. Car still runs smooth.
  5. flaco

    Road Noise

    A number of years ago I bought this 99 LS400 with 54,000 miles. The main attractions were of course the smooth ride and lack of road noise. Today, @ 100,000 miles I still have a smooth ride but the road noise seems to have increased a lot. It is the tires against pavement type noise. What could cause this? Do I need better tires or shocks or what? Not an emergency but any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. flaco

    99 Ls400 (Ucf20) With Ipod

    There are 2 ways that I know of. One is a post from probably more than a year ago. you'll just have tosearch for it. It involves wiring into the amplifier with a relay etc. The amp is under the passenger seat. The easy way is buying an adapter that slips into the cassette player. This is what I did. It works pretty well but mine has a little bit of background hum in it. They sell these on Ebay, good luck!
  7. flaco

    Windshield Washer Dashboard Light

    Easy fix. It happened on my 99 LS400. If all you care about is getting the light turned off. 1> Jack up car and remove front driver side wheel. 2 Remove several bolts from inside cover, enough to be able to reach inside under the fluid reservoir. 3 Disconnect elec. connector from bottom of reservoir. 4 Put everything back. Apparently the float inside the reservoir is getting stuck. You could replace the whole thing but I was happy with just having the light off.
  8. flaco

    Cigarette Lighter

    One of the very few things I don't like about my 99 LS400 is the cig. lighter which is turned off when the ignition is off. I have taken the ashtray and lighter out before and replaced them but I don't know of a good spot to wire it to that's always hot. I need it to charge GPS and cell when not in the car. Anyone done this?? Thanks
  9. Are there any differences between taillight assemblies for a 99 LS400 and earlier models? I need an inner driver side taillight on my 99. Someone on Ebay has a 94 or 95 tail light, which looks the same on the picture. Hesitate to buy it as there are no returns. Help please! :(
  10. Yes, this was the original battery on my 99 LS400. It was the cause of the VSC problems. Car would stop suddenly. In the end, it would not start. Always started before though. Car does not tell you when battery goes weak. Anyway, as I said, it screwed up the computer, which had to be reprogrammed. All's OK now.
  11. Got mine fixed today! the VSC etc. problem, at a cost of $360 at a non Lexus dealer really good mechanic. The problem was the battery, original, old, and needed replacement. According to him, the low voltage caused problems in the computer, reading bad values from sensors and really !Removed! it up. He reprogrammed the computer after replacing the battery and the Lexus runs like a new one. PS: the $360 includes towing charges of $85, not so bad. Hope this will help someone.
  12. I also have VSC light, engine, red warning light come on about once every other month. It always goes away after a while, especially when I take it to the dealer who can't find anything wrong then. The problem is that when it happens when driving, the car will stop. Stepping on the gas pedal has no effect, the engine still idles smoothly. Have to shut it off, wait a minute, start it and it runs again, with all those lights still on. After a while everything OK again. Thinking it might be a loose connector somewhere, but where do you begin to look??