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  1. hey thanks again I dont think we have the XM stereo here. I am pretty sure they all have keyless go here. Markham: You mentioned the rear seat cooling. I dont beleive this is availible here on the 04. I test drove one the other day and it only had rear heating. I am looking at an 01 next week and will look out for the differences you have all mentioned. Do you guys think it would be worth waiting for a few months to see some 04 models come on the second hand market? Currently they 01-03 models are around the £40k ($76,500) and the most expensive (low milage etc). The cheapest 04 models are no less than £50k ($95,626). Should I wait a few months/1 year before the 04 models drop in price or should I dive in now get myself an 01-03 model? Many Thanks, mehul
  2. hi guys thanks alot for the info. a great help. However I think there are some slight differences between here and the us. firstly all the cars here have the 17 inch wheels apart from the new 04 which has 18inch as standard. Also they all have the keyless go. I think I will go for a 02/03 model. One question: Is the new Gen 4 navigation much different? And is there anyway to upgrade the software in an 02/03 to the new Gen 4 version? Much Thanks, karl
  3. Hi guys I am looking into buying an ls430. I have seen a good few second hand ls430s from 2001 to 2004. I am trying to find out how the models have changed over the years (I believe they are minor changes?). I am aware that the new 2004 model has bluetooth techonology. Is this the only difference from the 2001 model? If it makes any difference to the changes; I am looking at UK models.. Thanks alot, Karl
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