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  1. Thanks for the response. Yes, the key that's broken is the one that has the button to unlock the doors. The smaller key that I'm using doesn't have that button which isn't that big of a hassle but it's apparenty the valet key which also will not unlock the trunk. So everytime I want to get into the trunk, I have to open the door and use the remote trunk release. I believe that the reason that the replacement key is so expensive is because they also have to replace the computer chip or whatever is inside the key to open the door. Apparently, I can't just go down to the local locksmith to have a duplicate key made.
  2. Hello Friends, I'm the proud owner of a 1994 SC400 and new to the forum. The top part of the ignition key recently broke off so that I can no longer carry the key on a keyring. The key and unlocking button still work fine. The Lexus dealer tells me that a replacement key would run about $330. They suggested that perhaps I drill a hole in the top of the key which seems fairly drastic. I thought perhaps I could simply purchase one of those colored covers for the top of the key but I can't find one that will fit. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.