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  1. I guess it's possible the new ES may not be Camry based it could be a all new rear wheel drive design.
  2. I have a 2007 ES and in the summer time when the car gets hot inside say after it has set a couple of hr's or more the radio will show the same symptom as you describe. I have also heard other discussion on this matter and it caused by a radio design defect and I hope at some point lexus will correct it.
  3. I know this has nothing to do with your problem, but have you had an issue when you apply the brakes you hear a clicking/popping sound. I've been hearing one every since I bought mine in Jan of this year and have taken it back 4 times. After they thought they had fixed the problem it came back again. Now they are telling me its suppose to make the sound. Everyone else is telling me no way. Suppose to take it back again this Wed. Thx Never had the issue you describing but the 07 ES's do require frequent brake service due to front rotor warping.
  4. I have a 07 ES350 that lately after setting overnight it will crank for two or three seconds before starting, Before it would always start in 1sec or less so im thinking maybe dirty fuel filter or fuel pump getting weak. just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience? The car just turned 59K and at the 60K service I will inquire about the problem.
  5. I replace my locking lug nuts with the regular ones because if the locking nuts or ever put on to tight you cant get them off ask me how I know. And besides factory wheels are rarely stolen.
  6. Sounds like you may have two problems one would be wheel balancing and also I think you are going to find you have warped brake rotors, I say this because brake problems are very common on the 07ES I would not be surprised if the 08's are the same.
  7. The last time I had my brakes done I had the Toyota dealer to perform the service and they did just fine, As I listen to the sound it sound like it could be the rear brakes my car makes a simlar sound though not as loud if I back up with the parking brake on and I had to have my rear brakes replaced at 19k miles and that is way to soon.
  8. Brake problems are very common on the 07 ES but the dealer should able to find and fix the problem, How many miles does the car have?
  9. I cant help but wonder if somthing else is at play here besides the mats,In the three years that we have had our ES the mat has never come loose and seems to installed as securely as any that I have seen.
  10. Im sure Lexus is well aware of the problem since it seems that a lot of 07s have it, The dealer should contact Lexus to see what they have to say.
  11. My car use to do strange things with the the cd player and radio on a intermitten bases and it always seem to happen on hot days when the car has been setting in the sun for a while, Lately I have not heard the wife complain about the cd player but I do know if the car gets hot in side the screen will blank out and the vol and ch controls will stop working for awhile.
  12. My 07 ES is the only car that I have seen in my life that had to have the rear brakes replaced at 19K and its because the pad material is of poor quialty. Rear brakes should last at least 50K and its not uncommon to see 80 to 100K , in fact its impossible to wear out the rear pads on any car at 19k if they are of good quialty no matter how you may drive.
  13. Its your rotors if you can get the dealer to replace them you are ahead of the game they just turned mine when it happened on mine at 8k, By the way rotor warping is very common on the 07 ES.
  14. I have the standard system in my car and it sounds ok but I dont think its any better than my 01 Camary was, but to improve the sound I would say change out the speakers. Im going to leave mine stock While I do think the overall sound could be better when you consider the price of the car but can live with it.
  15. The dealer replaced my rear pads a 19k I just hit 40k and they seem to be ok when I had the oil changed at around 35k they checked out ok. Something was not right with the original pads that came with the car as seems to be the case on most of the 07 ES's.
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