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  1. in my 2007 es350 I have not noticed the amount of illumination ever being a problem. but i have less than perfect vision anyway and wear 1.0 corrective lenses, but use my brights when I can since I drive faster than most. MY PROBLEM IS THE QUALITY of the lamps! Ours will just go out while driving, one or the other or even both, then we have to click them off and back on to get them on again, and they may or may not stay on. we have even been pulled over for it. I just clicked em off and on before the officer got to the car and asked him which one was off, and he said they were both fine....ooops! I have a 2000 GMC yukon with 190,000mi and have never had this much trouble with it. the headlights on the es350 are just one of many little multi-THOUSAND dollar $$$ issues.
  2. Does it mean anything when lexus does not notify you of these service bulletins, and your car goes out of warranty for these items? then they cost you a fortune to repair? whats the legality of this? is there any recourse? even though my car has been to the dealer a couple times with these problems, at under the extended mileage limit, they should have checked for them and did not. thanks
  3. 1. Anyone had a timing cover leak* replacement yet on their 2007 ES350 or a recommendation for one? Was it just to resolve a oil leak? 2. What about the Camshaft Gears making noise when the car first starts sometimes? Kinda like a sticky lifter noise. 3. Also, finally... the Water pump and serpentine belts and tensioners? *The timing cover was a TSB but I never was told about it. Any advice or costs or discussion on this? thanks
  4. how much are they? i lknow lexus wants $700 just for bulbs for my 07 es350 ????
  5. did anyone replace the torque converter? how much was the repair? did you go to the dealer or elsewhere? thanks
  6. how do I use the embedded links in these documents, does anyone know? that is... when there is a page referral link and you click it it fails thanks m