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  1. how do I disable the lexus link system? every time I start the ls430 it says lexus link error contact your lexus dealer!
  2. hello, I need some info on changing the o2 sensor on my 2004 ls430 . it is bank 1, sensor 2, I just bought the sensor. looked under the car and how do you get to the connector to unplug the sensor? any special tools needed? the part store told me it's the drivers side, rear 02 sensor! how do I change it? thanks !!!
  3. It only comes on when stopped or going very slow, as you speed up it goes off. It's not dirty, and no accidents. It just started one day and since then I turned the park assist off. it's one of the two front center sensors. thanks...
  4. How do you test a park assist sensor? I have a 2004 LS430 and the front parking warning comes on when I stop. even when there is nothing in front of the car. It goes of as you drive. I think one of the sensor may be bad, But I would like to test it before I buy a new one.
  5. Hello, I just tried that link you told me about. jumping the two connectors. And it worked!!! What could have caused the check VSC warning and mileage re-set? I have an 04 LS430 Ultra with 59000 miles. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello, I have a 2004 LS430, the check VSC warning light is on and when I try to re-set it. It says mileage re-set and then back to check VSC! How do you re-set the mileage?
  7. hello, Can anyone help me figure out why my lexus park assist, now alerts me that the front center warning is on all the time when the car is in drive and stopped. there isn't anything in front of my car like snow or ice. the front side sensors seam to be working correctly, and the rear sensors are working just fine. is there a way to test a sensor, without replacing it? at $239 each at the lexus dealer. my car is a 2004 LS430 ultra luxury edition.
  8. How do I remove the front bumper to get at the park assist sensors on a 2004 LS430?

  9. Can someone help? I have a 2004 LS430 Ultra luxury package. the lexus park assist has started to malfunction. the front sonar sensor is beeping when stopped and in drive. are the sensors easy to replace or repair? how do you test them? thanks...
  10. how do you make a hybrid disc? I have a 2004 LS430 gen4,I want to upgrade the disc but don't want to lose override option! can you helpme?
  11. 55wong


    hello, I have a set of LS430 ,16" Chrome OEM wheels and tire for sale! send me your email address for picture's. thanks arniewong@comcast.net.
  12. Thanks for your help! But the holes that the plastic retainer comes out of is square! I think the hook has a square end then a screw threads down the middle to expand the hook!
  13. Hello, I have a 2003 SC430 (GEN 3), and I want to update the navigation DVD. But I don't want to lose the override option! Which version DVD should I look for? Thanks...
  14. Hello, Can anyone help me? I want to update my 2004 LS430 (GEN 4) navigation dvd, But I don't want to lose the override option! which version should I look for? Thanks...