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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows where to get the proper mounting kit for me to install an in dash tv for my 91 LS.. Ive called several places and no one seems to know... I remember a while go on this sight someone had them available.. but now, I cant seem to find it.. If anyone can please help me out, I'll greatly appreciate it! Thanks alot!!
  2. I bought them in Miami, Fl at dragonwheels.com. The brand and model are Cabo 907. Ive been seeing these rims on alot of cars everywhere around here, im pretty sure you can find these anywhere by now.
  3. Sorry for not responding sooner. I didnt think anyone would reply. For those that might rum into this reply: The 20 inch ride is kind of rough on turns (Rubs) and ditches. Im pretty sure good shocks and springs will do the job, but it just takes away form the "Lexus" ride. I bought the front and rear lights on ebay a long time ago. Ive only seen them about once or twice after that. They are some web sites that sell them. If you do a google search im pretty sure youll find them.
  4. Hey everyone.. Im pretty familiar with all of the regular problems associated with the LS 400 (91). But now I have something new wrong with it. Whenever I fill up my car at the pump, the guage doesnt go all the way up. I put premium gas and I do fill it up all the way. This has happened more the once, so I finally decided to post this topic to see if anyone has any advice or recomendations. I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks for looking LS 400 Owner
  5. Can anyone please show me how (if possible) to remove pictures from the gallery? Please? I really need to remove pictures from there
  6. Does anyone know how to remove a picture from the gallery? I really need to remove a picture Any help will be greatly appreciated. PLEASE...
  7. Thanks for the comment. You can find these style of rim at different places. You'll easily spend somewhere around $1900-$2500, depending on the brand. These rims are really nice.. :o) I'll take a pic of the wood kit as soon as possible..
  8. Finally got my rims this weekend. What do yall think?
  9. Well, i put the rims on already. It ended up that the spacers did work in the front after all. But now my back driver side tire rubs on the fender whenever i make a sharp right turn or hit a bump. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this. I have stock brake calipers. Thanks for the reply Check out the ride..
  10. Hey everyone. I have a question regarding some wheels im going to get. Tomorrow Im getting 20 inch rims on my car and I was told I need to shave down the front two brake calipers. I was wondering if anyone has heard of such a procedure, and if so.. please give me your opinion. Is it a good idea? I cant put spacers, we tried that already. The rims are 20" Cabo 907 / The tires are 20R 225 35 i think, something like that Thanks for your time everyone..
  11. I added an 8" sony xpload speaker/sub in the back after mines stop working. I have a 91 LS. it sounds good, but i think the factory amp isnt enough to push the speaker. good luck in replacing it or or buying a new one.
  12. checked on ebay already. theres this company that charges that $250 each! and thats cheapest ive seen. i tried putting silicone wher the glass meets the plastic, but that didnt work. youre saying to put some silicone around the area of the buld? do you think thats where the moisture might be getting in by?
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