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  1. I need to remove the grey plastic door panel/cladding that accents the passenger rear door on my 92 ES300. It needs to be repainted as it was scratched when I bought it. What is the removal and installation procedure? Does anyone have access to a good replacement part for sale that would be cheaper than me having to paint the one I've got? The car is Pearl White with Greyish-Beige metallic lower 2 tone. Thanks Andrew
  2. how do you gain access to replace the light bulbs? One of mine is out.
  3. I just bought a 92 ES 300 with 120K Miles, and its in great shape. The head gasket was just done. All service was done by Lexus, and the timing belt was done at 85K Miles. The rotors pulsate. Are they pricey to replace on these cars? Also, The antena was stuck (up). I tried to get it to work properly, but I think I broke it now. The motor works (you can hear it when you turn the radio on/off). I suspect I have to replace the mast and perhaps a plastic gear inside. Whats the procedure to do this repair? Approx how much is the antena? Thanks in advance for any info. PS-Is there anything els
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