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  1. I have a set of 16" '93 sc400 10 spoke rims with tires for sale. they have been kept at my apt for years. and now I need some room space so need to get rid of them soon. rims are clean condition but have some minor scratches by edges. I think tires need to be changed (they are Good Year 225/55R16 Eagle GT+4). If you are interested, I can email you bigger pictures. asking for $175, prefer the local pick up but if anyone else is interested, I can look for the box and be able to ship(around $120 shipping cost) . let me know. I'm locating in NJ.
  2. black LCD can be one of two thing. 1. LCD leakage or 2. Backlight bulbs are dead. if whatever in the LCD display is leaking, there's not much choice. I would suggest to get whole A/C control unit replacement from ebay or junk yard. you turn off the engine (and lights) and if you still see black LCD screen, then it's more likely bad LCD display. Those screen gets worse when it's cold. when it gets warm, the dark spot would be gone. if it's caused by the bad backlight bulbs, you can replace the bulb but you need some soldering skill. our A/C backlight has 3 bulbs (left, center, right). You
  3. just joined! I never knew about this site for 3 years??? good site, like it so far :) anyways, here's some info on o2 sensor: New OLD Black Blue (sensor output) White Black (heater circuit) White Black (heater circuit) Gray White (sensor ground) if it's wrong, let me know. make sure your univ o2 sensor is screw type. is this for the front or rear? I think I got my OEM o2 sensor like $110. good luck
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