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  1. I had a very similar issue while leaving work. I was in the garage and it just feld odd that brake didnt press the way they normally do. I also noticed that my cigarette lighter didnt work (blown fuse). I took the car to the dealership the next day and had them check the electrical sytems and the battery - they replaced the cig lighter fuse, the obd fuse, and put in a new battery. They said the battery had barely any charge left. Cheers.
  2. Yes, download. You can literally download all versions of maps for all generations and burn the DVD. Could you please share the download link....openly or via PM is fine. I too have the 06 is350 and it has the factory stock version that came with the car that was bought in Feb 2006. Cheers.
  3. I'm happy for your replacement. And I agree with you completely.....i wish more people show furustration. from everything i've read, it seems people are very happy with the loaner, the frapiccino and the cookies and forget that a similar problem could have cost them an accident had they had the failure going 75-85 mph....at which point it would have been a driver fault and i really really doubt that a failure of r&p can be diagnosed post crash - specially if its front end and a pretty bad one. My wife and I're expecting....I'm really grateful that she wasn't driving. And I'm really *BLEEP*ed that this happens and its considrered a normal warranty issue. Shouldn't this be a flag for a recall given that a lot of people have complained about it...specially on the hybrids (not just IS's). Regardsless, just venting my furustration. Cheers from H-town. Safe driving my friend. DH.
  4. I'm told that the rack & pinion assembly is being changed out. I'm very sure that they would not change a 2K + part out if it was a sensor that had failed. What do you think??
  5. I just submitted a post for my 2006 is350. Similar experience....I'm amazed that you didn't panic. My first thought was if my wife had been driving whould she have been in a crash??? I've complained about this to Lexus Corporate...lets see what I hear. I'm amazed how many people have reported this issue...and that Lexus does not have a TSIB on it yet....it was my understanding that for fatal flaws the number of complaints needed for a recall is not very high. Perhaps Lexus should look into this. Would I own a lexus again - probably yes. Would I praise it as much as I did until today....probably not. I do not believe that getting a nice loaner, a frap and cookies in the lounge makes up for this flaw. Not even close. Compensation would be to advise all affected users and do a recall. This ain't my problem...this is our problem. Cheers, DH from Houston, TX.
  6. I park the is350 in the garage as I do everynight. I reverse in the morning and when I get to the end of the drive way to where I would normally turn the steering wheel to get onto the street, I CANNOT turn the damn wheel. At first I thought, nice, a flat tire, (although no TPMS warning)...I do a walk around of the car and verify all tires look good. I get back in the cars shut if off and restart...notice nothing unusual on the dash as far as warnings or lights.....I can not steer without being hercules. I call the service advisor, then call road side assistance, the car gets towed to the dealer yesterday and I'm told that tech will inspected it in the morning and I'll get my call following the tech's remark. I get the call today....I'm told that the Rack & Pinion failed. I ask what does that mean....the service advisor (not sure she is technical at all although I'm told these people are suppose to attend a lot of tech classess as well) tells me she can not explain in detail and that Rack and Pinion assembly failed and it has to be replaced. Cost is about 2K for the part...she goes on to assure me that its all covered under warranty. Has this happened to anyone??? Has anyone heard of this???? Jeez...I've owned honda's, acuras, audi's that lived 5-10 years without any steering issues.....a mechanical failure of rack & pinion on a 2006 is350 with less than 15K miles which has never been driven on a track. What the %$#@????? I'll talk to the technician tomorrow when I pick up the car. I'm really *BLEEP*ed as that this could have failed while i was on my daily commute on the tollway in Houston which regularly sees 85MPH. Would lexus have stood behind a crash and admitted a rack and pinion failure???? People, talk to me - am I over exagerating or should I really be *BLEEP*ed. Cheers, DH
  7. Not the little plastic shelf for the owners manual which fits in on 2 ends (bottom and right). If you look directly above it there is a plastic plate/covering - i was told that was insulated and since then the noise went away. So this was just done....now today I notice a new sound ...vibration (zzzz....) and a clicking sound coming from the driver side door or where the tweeter is located. AKK, I would agree with the noise issue as thats also my #1 and only complaint/grievance....other than that there is not a thing about the car that i dont love. Cheers fellas, Danish.
  8. So I had been having the interior noises in my 2006 IS350. To me they sounded like they were coming from the dash or the center console. The tech drove with me at the request of the service advisor.... the tech in the drive heard the noises but wasn't able to diagnose it. The kept the car and the next day I was told that it was diagnosed to be the seat belt housing on driver side. The insulated some parts inside and returned the car to me. At which point I was wondering whether anything was really done or not as I had never heard a noise from the seatbelt area. Regardless, the noise I was hearing was still there so I returned to the dealer - the tech drove with me again (same guy). This time we went for a longer drive...my usual commute in Houston, TX on the Beltway 8. THe tech this time didn't sit still...he was actively looking for the source. He found it to be from inside the glove box - there is a plate at the top which was loose or not properly insulated. I got the car back the same day and so far I have not heard the noise. So for any of you for whom the noise is not part of the few TSIB's out there...have your tech look in the glove box towards the top. Good luck. I'm still wondering that at $44K whether a Lexus should be prone to such nuances. But on the other hand.....i'm in love with my IS. Danish.