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  1. I noticed when you posted your GPS pics you had a backup camera as well. Just wanted to know where you mounted you camera? A pic would be nice. Thanks.

  2. Hey guys, What did ya'll do with your original Lexus's radio after replacing it with the aftermarket one??
  3. Here are some pics of my install: Hope that helps and best of luck to you all!
  4. I just wanted to confirm with everyone that YOU CAN install a double din aftermarket radio/navigation unit into a 2004 Lexus ES330 using the face plate on the first page. I just completed doing it myself and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! I am really happy with the results. What you will need: 1) Lexus Double Din Face Plate (Part #: 5540533230) --if you want, you can just use the brackets and screws that are currently holding in your standard radio as these will fit the double din as well..otherwise you will need to purchase those (listed in first post) 2) Wiring Harness: Metra TYTO-01 --this worked great with integrating into the factory amplified system you does not list being compatible with Lexus but I can assure you it works in my car, as this is the part that Metra Technical support told me to use 3) Trim Piece: Metra 95-8202 --as mentioned earlier, there is about a 1/2 inch gap on each side of the aftermarket unit when placed in the Lexus Double Din Radio Faceplate....these trim pieces fill in these gaps REALLY well....they almost look factory. I also noticed about a millimeter gap between the top and bottom which I filled in with a piece of felt..(really minor gap...maybe not even noticeable) That's all you need to fit in a aftermarket navigation unit or double din stereo into a 2004 Lexus ES330. I can say that I had it installed and have been LOVING it. I installed a Pioneer F90BT. One thing I must say is that after the install, my factory sound system sounds MUCH better for some reason with a lot stronger base, as well. I guess this could be attributed to the new unit. My unit came with integrated bluetooth and ipod so I have that in my car as well. In addition, I also added a rear view camera (Boyo VTL-420) that attached on my license plate. It took me quite some time and a lot of phone calls to make sure all the parts would work (especially since most of them don't list Lexus compatibility), but I can tell you that the parts listed above DID work for me in my 2004 Lexus ES 330. I will try to post some pictures to show you how it looks.
  5. I saw one for a GS...but nothing for an ES....please post a link where you found it. Thx!
  6. Looking real good dlmax63.....I hope the aftermarket nav will fit in the double din lexus faceplate and look as factory as that. Quick was the wiring for your car? What kind of harness did you use or was everything hardwired? I have ordered all my parts and will post pictures after everything gets, hopefully, installed. By the way...about filling the gap...according to Crutchfield, this part should work: Metra 95-8202;i=120958202
  7. Thank you lexus7782 for finding out all the parts needed w/ part #s to help us replace our factory radio face plates with a double din for possibly aftermarket stereos and navs. How did your installation finally turn out? I myself have a 2004 Lexus ES330 and am hoping to replace my factory 6disc in-dash cd changer to a Pioneer Avic-F90BT. I called up lexus and they said the part listed on the first page should be the same double din/nav instrument panel for a 2004 ES330. I ordered that from for about $83. I believe the brackets and screws that are already in my car now should be the same ones that will work with the double din/nav panel as that is what I was told by Hopefully that will be the case. In regards to the wiring harness, I did some research into the harness listed on the first page and I am not sure if that will work. I called up a few companies selling that and they all specifically stated that it was meant to use with Parrot Bluetooth devices and are not simply stereo wiring harness. After a lot of research and phone calls, the ONLY wiring harness I could find is the Metra TYTO-01. This is a wiring harness specifically meant for higher end toyota vehicles with JBL sound systems and is meant to work WITH your factory amp. Though Lexus compatibility is not stated on the website, I was assured on multiple occasions by METRA tech support that it has been tested and will work with a 2004 Lexus ES330. I am ordering one and we shall see. The last missing piece is the universal trim piece. I am not sure how much gap there will be as I have not received all my parts yet, but I believe many of these aftermarket navs come with accessory trim pieces to use for these scenarios. Otherwise, my installer might have to custom make something. So it looks like I have all or am in the process of aquiring all the necessary parts and I will post pictures and feedback within the next couple weeks on whether it worked for me or not. If someone has already tried installing aftermarket navs in any ES 300-ES330s we would all greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions on how you did it. Also, if someone sees any mistakes in my setup....please let me know :). Thanks.