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  1. 2002 Lexus ES300. Check engine is on, code is P0420. Idle is too low, 300-400 rpm and after 5 minutes ECU throws ABS, TC and VSC. Any advice?
  2. I found the problem. I just unplug the phone unit and now everything works fine.
  3. No, the phone is off and I can't turn it on. While I drive it comes on with a beep and speakers start working. If I crank up the volume to maximum, the volume to th speakers is at a minimum, I can hear just a little voice and the quality is bad.
  4. Uuhhhh, another problem. OK, my 95 LS has a Lexus phone. Yesterday when I turned the radio on, voice was too low, even on maximum. After couple minuts, I heard a beep from phone and after that everythink was perfect. Today, same problem. Any adwice?
  5. Welcome men, nice to hear a frenchmen have a Lexus :) If you get smoke at start up, that means you have to change a Idle Control Valve.
  6. Mine is '95 LS from Canada. I live here in MI and we got a lot of snow, but it goes like a tank. I have new Kelly Navigator tires and Traction Control.
  7. Mine goes left when i pres the brake at 40/50/60....mph.
  8. I have new power steering pump set (o rings, seals....) and I not need them.
  9. The heated seats in my car do not work. When I press the button the lights turns on however the seats do not warm up. The fuses are OK. What should I check? Thanx!
  10. if the pump is wet then its leaking on the outside, so more likely to be the o-rings. The white smoke on start up usually has no visible leaks on the pumps. Is yours blowing smoke on start up? I changed this o-ring: The old one was baaaad. My Lex is blowing smoke on start up but I'll see tomorrow because my car now runs without Idle Control Valve.
  11. '95 Lexus LS. When I turn parking lights on, they work OK, but while I drive, maybe after 10 mintes rear tail light indicator comes on. I park the car, I try to play with light switch and after everything works. Rear bulbs are new, brake lights are OK and they works OK. No problems with the head lights. Any adwice?