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  1. Hello I have a 2008 RX350. The arm rest on the driver side door was squeaking so I took it to Regency Service Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They returned my vehicle in the evening saying, they padded it and its good now. This was a few months ago. Fast forward to last month. I took my vehicle to Lexus of Bellevue, WA as the squeak had returned in 2 days of Regency Lexus 'fixing' it. Lexus of Bellevue said they can not fix it, and diagnosed the following - TRIM FOR MIRROR BOLTS BROKEN FOUND ONE ALIGNMENT PIN FOR DOOR PANEL IS BROKEN. ALSO FOUND INSULATION PAD ON DOOR PANEL HAS BEEN REMOVED AND RESECURED WITH SCOTCH TAPE I am so disappointed that the service center tried to cover up their errors with TAPE!!!??? Its one thing that they tell me that things have gone wrong and they will do whatever it takes to fix it, but covering up and assuming I wont find out cos its not visible, is shameful. Now, my dilemma is should I trust my vehicle to someone, when that trust is shaken? I hope Lexus Corporation are skimming through these forum posts to keep their promise of 'Customer Satisfaction'. Lexus has been one of the companies I admire the most, but some dealerships are spoiling the reputation. I want to give 10/10 to Lexus of Greenwich, CT - Thats the Service Center I used to go to when I lived in CT Lexus of Bellevue, WA - This it the Service Center I go to now, living in Vancouver, BC I am disppointed with Lexus of North Vancouver, BC Regency Lexus, Vancouver, BC I personally feel, Lexus Service Centers in the USA treat their customers very differently that Lexus Service Centers in Canada. Standards of excellence are way higher in the USA than in Canada. Thats why I dont feel like taking my Lexus to the Service Centers closer to home :(
  2. Hello I just got a class 2 tow hitch receiver installed through the dealer on RX350. I dont know which ball mount receiver and ball mount I need to get. I dont want to buy the parts from the dealer as that may be more money than other stores. Can someone please advise. I want to tow a 5*8 U haul trailer with 2 inch drop. Thanks a lot BTW, the dealer here in CT came down to 495 from 695 (part n labor) for the hitch reciever
  3. i stopped by at the dealer, and all i had to say was that the center console was damaged. without any hassles they offered to fix their error by chaning the whole thing. I hope other dealers are as proactive as the one that I have been going to. So far, I have loved the way they have handled my concerns in the 3 months that I have owned the vehicle. Its a shame I have to move to Canada for personal reasons. I can recommend the Greenwich dealer, HANDSDOWN. They are the best (so far) They gave me an unbelievable deal on class 2 tow hitch receiver as well. Less than 500 installed. Maybe because they messed up my car the first time around.
  4. I got my car back after 6 days at the dealership. In order to replace the evaporator assembly, they had to open the dash completely. The guy who did it obviously didnt do a fine job as there are visible marks of him trying to pry open the dash, specially around the gear shifter box. The light grey interiors make the marks stand out when looked at closely. I am really *BLEEP*ed about this as my vehicle is NEW. Can someone here please suggest what I should do. When I had gotten the satellite radio installed there was slight damage to the shifter box cover and the dealer was quick to replace it. I am not sure how to approach the dealer with this damage. Please, please advise. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello I have an 08RX350 with white particles on dash issue. The dealer identified the problem as faulty evaporator air assembly. Does this sound familiar to anyone. The dealer will be ripping apart the whole dash to correct the problem. Can this become a cause of further problems. I know I can trust only a Lex certified tech with such work but I am apprehensive that this job may give rie to rattles, etc etc. Can someone here please advise whether I should hand over my vehicle to the dealer or should I just live with White Dust/ Particles on the dash for the life of the vehicle. Thanks
  6. does anyone know what an evaporator sub assembly is. my dealer says that changing this part will rectify the white dust on dash issue. has someone with similar problem been able to find a fix for that? thanks
  7. i purchased my rx350 in oct 07. premium plus package + tow package + 7 spoke wheels + nav + tow hitch receiver and ball mount + integrated sirius satellite radio all for les than 41k. i did pay 1k for 6 yr 70k warranty though + tax title registration would that be considered a fair deal in the northeast? i hate being cheated
  8. Hello I have 08RX350. The good thing is that owners of 08 RX350 have a choice between XM and Sirius. I am planning to get the Sirius radio installed by the dealer. The minimum quote I have till now is 695 installed from my local dealer. Is that a good deal. Anyone know any other dealer in northeast who can do for less. My main problem is I will be moving to Canada in a couple of months, most likely living in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver. If I get the Sirius radio hardware installed here in the US by Lexus dealer and get US subscription, would it work north of the border? If anyone knows for sure it wont, then I wouldnt want to spend $695 for nothing and would rather have it installed at a Lex dealer in Canada. Thanks and hoping to hear some input from u folks.
  9. Thanks. The dealer told me the same thing. Its something to do with difference in air pressure.
  10. Not sure what exactly this would mean but if there was some sort of false advertising then we all need to act on it so it doesnt get repeated. Please do keep the whole team informed of your findings. Thanks.
  11. Hello (my first post ever) even though I have had a lexus for last 4 years. I just bought an 08RX350 with roof rack and rails. I slid back the sunroof while driving today and I could hear a lot of wind noise, something similar to what the blades of a chopper make when in motion. Does anyone else experience that loud and troublesome noise or is it just my vehicle. Thanks