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  1. Under Hood Clips: 90467-07211 - $0.91 ( 90467-A0016-C0 - $0.62 90467-10170-C0 - $0.98
  2. I bet AutoZone or O'Reilly's could order just about anything you could want.
  3. CDDB (GraceNotes) is a free quarterly update from your dealer as long as your car is under the Original 48 mo. Lexus Warranty. Only your dealer can do it. You can update anytime, and is not related to the NAV updates. See this link:
  4. Could you help? I have searched and searched and find nothing about a secret volume adjustment. I am having a lot of problems with people hearing me with my bluetooth. I called the dealer and they told me to repair my phone (blackberry 8830), which helped a tiny bit but not enough. UGH. I need the phone to be functional in my car! Thanks! Katherine Your dealer should be able to increase the bluetooth and/or microphone volume. If not, go to another dealer.
  5. Make sure the "auto" button it pressed and make sure there is a green light near "auto" on the "inside/outside air" button. You can also hit the "climate" button and make sure the bar above A/C is lit. The air conditioner won't turn on in the winter when it's cold, but will keep the climate control in "auto" mode. After everything is in auto mode, you should only need to use the "Temp" buttons from now on -- winter or summer -- to keed you automatically comfortable.
  6. Here you go: You may need this to remove the filter: Other part numbers: Make sure you deflect the stream of oil draining from the pan AWAY from the protective shield, otherwise oil will flow into the "cover" and get all over the bottom of the car. Good luck!
  7. Since you live in PA, I'd recommend Penzoil 0w20 synthetic. If you do more than just city driving, you can run it 7,500 miles and still maintain warranty compliance.
  8. You cannot use a strap. This is what you need:
  9. There is a NAV Override from Prestigious Society that allows you to do everything with the NAV System while the car is moving; nothing is locked out: Access Telephone book, Dial a number, Choose POI's, Add or change Destination, Watch DVD's, etc. Of course, while in motion, these options should only be used by your passenger(s), for obvious safety reasons.
  10. In snow, you will be much happier with AWD -- regardless of snow tires. Just depends on how often you drive in snow, your patience level and the value of $10k to you over the long run. Wouldn't it be terrible being unhappy with a non-AWD car when you knew you could of had one. Just my opinion.
  11. I purchased my LS 460 in Dallas, TX Included options were: Navigation System/Mark Levinson® Premium Audio System Advanced Parking Guidance System Lexus Link® Intuitive Parking Assist Power door closers and power rear trunk Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)
  12. I own a 2008 LS 460 (not the L). Since it's mostly for my wife and I, we rarely have anyone in the back seat -- unless we allow one of our kids to drive while we sit in the back. During those times, there's plenty of room for my wife and me. IMO, Mark Levenson Sound system is the only REQUIRED option for either car -- the rest is just profit for the dealer. If you're going to take road trips often, I highly recommend the aftermarket Navigation Override from Prestigious Society. It enables you to use all the features of the DVD and NAV system while the car is in motion. You can email for details I would wait for the 2009 -- It will come with All-Wheel-Drive. If you get a good deal, you could drive out the door on a 2009 LS 460 SWB (short wheel base) for under $68-69k incl. TT&L Good Luck!
  13. If you push the Trunk release button on the key fob TWICE in a row, you'll be able to open the trunk by hand. Good Luck
  14. All cars in the US now are required to use water-based paint which is not as tough as the old oil-based paint. Lexus paint is a little softer than Mercedes or BMW and "chips" quite easily. If you're planning many long road trips at 70mph and you're real picky about "chips," get 3M clearbra and cover the entire hood (not just the front third) and the other areas you mentioned. If you're only gonna keep the car for three years, and no one else but you will notice -- skip it. See here for more info: Either way, I strongly recommend applying a paint enchancer and sealer like Wolfgang or Zaino ASAP before you consider a clearbra.
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