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  1. Folks, In 1997 I bought my 1993 Lexus SC300. It had around 95,000 miles on it and I didn't expect it to run forever. But it seems it almost did. I put around 175,000 miles on the car myself. I did replace the front and rear engine seals. But that about it, and it never did smoke are use oil. Man, I love that 2. One day the car cranked but did not fire. After much research I thought I discovered the problem and set out to fix it myself. I am somewhat mechanical inclined, but certainly not a professional. I changed out a switch on the fuel system (forgot the actual part n
  2. Skizz, I bought a 93 SC300 in 1997 for about $16k when it had 90K on it. Initially I put about $2k in maintaining the car because the doctor who own it took poor care of the vehicle and then traded it for a Mercedes. Today I have 265k on the car and if I had not made a stupid mistake about a week ago (Long Story TLC screwup) I would still be running strong. I still plan to exceed 325k. I just love the car and it screams! If I do keep it and rebuild the engine or buy an engine, I want to put a single turbo and replace the AT with the MT. That would really boost an already great performan
  3. I'm sure this will not help you much, but just an interesting comparison. I have a reader for cars newer than 1996 and my 1997 Porche Boxter just had an 18xx code come up. I read up online and found that it is usually the MAF sensor. They said in the Porche forum that have heard of no one who could clean it and get it to work. But I tried anyway, to no avail. So, I bought a new one online for $180 and installed in 5 minutes. Problem solved. Porche dealer charge would have been $500 for part and I'm sure total of $1000 before I got out of there. But here is why your comment really inter
  4. :( In three days I have two lexus's down with coolant leaks. One was radiator. I fixed that. I have an LX450 that is leaking fluid as fast as I can put it in. The leak is on the driver side at back of engine above starter and under manifold. Looks like a hose. but I cannot hardly see the cause much less get my hands on it due to the starter and other objects. I do not have a cooling system diagram. Does anyone have any idea what the source of the leak might be and how best to attack the fix?
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