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  1. I knew a guy who put power steering fluid in his brake fluid resivour, and cause the rear brakes to stick. The problem was the proportioning valve got clogged up, he replaced that and everything worked fine.
  2. Try checking the Ignition Coils. I had an idling problem that shuddered the car when in gear. I thought it was the TPS or fuel system at first. My plugs and wires were relatively new, I couldn't figure it out and took it to a Master Mechanic and he found that the RH Ignition Coil was bad. Car runs smooth now.
  3. I had the same exact problem with my 1992 LS400, and I cleaned my throttle body, fuel system, checked vacuum lines and replaced the Throttle Position Sensor, none of this solved my problem. I finally took it to my Master Mechanic, and he diagnosed the problem. He tested the plugs and wires and found that the RH ignition coil was bad. He replaced the coil, distributor cap and rotor on the right side. Car runs great now.
  4. Safety first, disconnect the battery. Then from the back of steering wheel there should be two plastic covers one on each side to reveal the 4, T30 Torx wrench bolts that hold the air bag to the steering wheel. Unscrew these bolts and disconnect the wiring harness and your in business. Check out, under tutorials and under the lighting section to see how to turn off the air bag light and clear the diagnostic code.
  5. I have a 1992 Tan air bag and a 1994 black air bag I need to get rid of. Email me for questions.
  6. I have and Error Code 71 EGR Malfuncion, that I can't get to the bottom of. I replaced the EGR Valve, and VCV and checked most of the lines for any clogs, but my Check Engine light still comes on and I still have an Error Code 71. Where is the gas temp sensor located? VSV Circuit? I was told one of these circuits could be the culprit.
  7. Do you have any amps hooked up incorrectly or anything connected directly to the battery? Make sure the battery clamps are tight, sometimes if those are loose the battery will not charge correctly. Alternater?
  8. What color is the interior? I have a black steering wheel and air bag from a 94 LS400 for sale for $100 if your interested. E-mail me
  9. I recently bought one at a salvage yard, but I didn't need it. Check it out on Ebay under Air Intake/Fuel delivery.
  10. I have a 1992 LS400 and I have an error code 71 (EGR Malfunction). Is this most likely the EGR Valve? The dealership wants over $300 for the entire EGR set up, but I can get just the valve for under $100 on Ebay, so if a new valve cures the problem that's route I want to take. Has anyone had an error code 71?
  11. I had the same problem. My culprit was the Fan Rack bearings. The pulley the Fan and fan clutch mount to. Parts of the bearing we're getting ground up and falling out. I also had a drive belt tensioner pulley making noise but wasn't too bad. But I replaced that as well. I changed my timing belts etc. and the #1 and #2 Idler timing pulleys too. Everything sounds good now. When you pull everything out, roll each pulley and you'll find out which one it is.
  12. I was correct. I replaced the wires with OEM from the dealer. The arcing of from the wires to the engine block was the culprit. She runs smoother than ever. A word of advice when changing plugs and wires. ...Take your time!
  13. I think I found the problem. The #2 Ignition wire was pinched between the engine block and RH wire cover, this damaged the insulation and caused the wire to arc. Also the #4 wire had damage from !Removed! in the cover bolt. I verified this by cranking up my car and let it run with all the ignition wire covers off, and physically seeing the arcing. I bought new wires and I'll post the results.
  14. I have a 94 black steering wheel and air bag for sale if you ever need one in the future. The steering wheel is in good condition. From 1 to 10 it's an 8. I bought it on Ebay, the picture looked biege, but in fact it was black!
  15. I have a 92LS400 and my steering wheel was crap. I found a 94 steering wheel on Ebay and found a matching air bag too and replaced my old steering wheel. It looks brand new now. What color is your interior? I have a 94 black steering wheel and airbag for sale and just a 92 beige air bag.
  16. I put a new MAF Sensor in, and the error code 24 went away, but the car still sputtered on acceleration and during idling. I'll check out the idle control valve, thank 914ls for the tutorial. I had an error code 71 (EGR Malfunction) before I did any work on my car and it ran fine. But now it's not. Could the EGR have anything to do with this. I'm starting to lean towards the plugs and wires that we replaced.
  17. I'm having the same problem and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. My Lexus Dealer quoted $1,067 plus tax for the Mass Air Flow Sensor, I found one at an Auto Salvage yard for $150. You might want to try there or on Ebay. I haven't put it in yet, but I'll let you know the results.
  18. I recently changed my timing belt and plugs and wires and my 92 LS is having some of the same symtoms. I checked and I have an error code 24 which is the IAT Inlet Air Temp Sensor Signal. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it, but I'm leaning towards it being the Mass Air flow Sensor. I'm buying a new one from the dealer to confirm or deny this problem.
  19. 914lps... How can I check to see if it's my idle control valve. If you have info, can you E-mail it me? Thanks.
  20. I checked the MAF and it's plugged in. I Still have the same error. Is it possible that we unplugged something below engine related to this? Could the MAF sensor itself be bad?
  21. We changed timing belt, plugs and wires and car is not running right, and I have an Error Code 24. Did we leave a sensor unplugged? What is a IAT Sensor signal error code?
  22. We checked the error code and got a 24-(IAT Sensor Signal). Does anyone know what it is?
  23. Check out Lexls's website for 02 sensors.
  24. On my 92LS400, I changed the timing belt and plugs and wires, etc. got everything back together and test drove it and it ran smooth. About an hour later I move the car and let it idle and the car started to almost stall out then idle up again. It did this every 10 seconds. When I drove it, when I pushed on the gas pedal, the car would not accellerate, even when I floored the pedal. Is this related to the timing? Or fuel related? I'm going to double check the wires etc.
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