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  1. I was wanting to buy a used set of 20s with the back tires being 275/35/20, but what is recommended is 275/30/20. Will this cause rubbing or throw my traction control, abs, or speedometer off even worse. Please give feedback. Thank you.
  2. i just bought some kaotik z5. 20x8.5 with 34 offset and 245/35/20 tires. 20x10 in back with 40 offset and 275/30/20 tires. i was wanting to drop about 2 inches but scared it might rub. any help would be appreciated
  3. Hey i,m new to this forum. I am wanting 20x8.5 up front and 20x10 in the back for my 2000 gs300. I am wondering what kind of offset and tires would i need up front and in the back so they wont rub. I was also planning on lowering it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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