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  1. Yes, I believe its fixable! Look on eBay there is a guy repairing those things, altho he lists the SC His email is I have not done business with him (yet) but he seems okay. I'm discussing fixing my needle lighting (temp, tach, speed & fuel gauges' lighing inside the needle) Good luck
  2. All of the references I've checked say that the ES300 has 6.5" round speakers in the front doors, but mine has what seems to be certainly smaller ones on the dash. So my stereo questions are: What size are they? How do I get at 'em for replacement? Is it very difficult to do? Here they put an alledgely quality stereo put fourth with awful speakers :( Thanx!
  3. Rirstly, let me say that I goofed & sent this as a individual thing rather than the post it now is. Because of this my orig. is at the bottom, followed by JPI's response and then my part 2 on top. Sorry All!! Welp, now I know how to post a bit better. On with the show.... On the 'dog-bone' I was more inquiring as to whether that might suggest some other prob's. I'll definitely check the other motor mounts. Might the engine noise be those valve stem seals? I really should describe the noise better. The sound is intermittent, it is definitely in the engine likely either Cyl# 2 or 4. I
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