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  1. I have a 97 ES300 with 181,000 miles. Problems so far: Idle Control Valve: $300 Radio LCD display: $125 Peeling bumper and right rear view mirror: $325 Normal Maintenance: Replaced struts and mounts: $1100 timing belt (twice): $250 each time water pump: I forget. battery, tires, wiper blades Damage repair Front windshield damaged due to a sandstorm: $250 Fixed scratches on front and rear bumper: $200 This has been the most reliable and cheapest to maintain car that I have ever had.
  2. I got three quotes from independent bumper repair shops for the bumper plus mirror. They were $350, $425, and $515.
  3. There were earlier messages about paint peeling off side mirrors of Oyster Pearl cars. I also have a problem with paint peeling off the front bumper. Did anyone get any response by complaining to Lexus? Cost is around $350 to repaint the front bumper and one side mirror.
  4. I got my 97 ES300 from Longo Lexus in El Monte. Their prices were very competitive. They had a very good selection. Subsequently, I have been very satisfied with their service.
  5. Usually, I get 25mpg in city and 28-29 highway on my 97 ES300 with Costco 87. On my last long trip, I was cruising 75-80 mph and got 420 miles on one tank with the yellow light on for the last 10 miles for 31 mpg! This was with UNOCAL 87+.
  6. It'll cost around $90 for a new display. See my thread http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...&hl=lcd+display
  7. The Garmin iQue 3600 has lots of bad reviews on eopinions.com. http://www.epinions.com/pr-Garmin_IQue_3600_GPS_Receiver The Garmin Street Pilot 2610 has a lot better reviews. The dash units are very easy to install and move between vehicles. My main misgiving about these dash mounted units is that they are an easy target for thieves. So, you have to go through the hassle of putting them away when you park.
  8. Go to a bumper repair specialist. Some even come to your house. I had gouges and scratches fixed on the front and back bumper for $200.
  9. There are companies that specialize in bumper repair. I had my car fixed at my house. The repair guy had a complete paint mixing setup for matching the paint. I had a couple of deep gouges, but he was able to fix them perfectly. It cost $200 to fix the front and rear bumpers and took 2 hrs.
  10. I had some scratches fixed on my bumpers for $200 and the results were perfect. I had a $50 discount coupon. The repair guy (Bumper Doctor in San Diego) came to my house and had a complete paint mixing setup in his van to perfectly match my color. I had four 1/8" deep gouges on the front bumper from hitting an asphalt curb and a bunch of scratches in the back bumper from someone hitting me . The repair guy fixed them in a couple of hours. I really appreciate a craftsman that does a really good job. He said that he had three Lexus's to do that day. I guess Lexus owners are very particular about their car's appearance. He said that to replace one bumper would be about $850 and the fit probably wouldn't be very good because of the variability of forming the foam bumpers.
  11. I tried to use an Auto Sharp pen to fix my paint chips and am unhappy with the results. I put on four layers of paint, but it wasn't filling the cavity. I put a gob of paint and it formed a lump. I sanded it down, but I also sanded the area around it. The paint color matched but there were black pigments that settled to the top. My color is a metalic Oyster Pearl. I recommend that you develop your technique by trying it on a paint chip not on the hood. Better yet, take it to a specialist to get done right.
  12. There have been reports of poor performance and reliability problems with the Garmin iQue 360. The Garmin Street Pilot 2610 is getting a lot of good reviews. Garmin just came out with the 2620 with a preloaded hard drive with the whole US. See www.eopinions.com. My main concern with the dash mounted units is that it is very attractive target for thieves.
  13. I have a 97 Oyster Pearl and the paint has half peeled off on the passenger side mirror. It started peeling about 18 months ago. It sounds like there should have been a warranty repair. Also, the black decorative pillar between the side windows is delaminating below the surface.
  14. David had replied to several topics involving LCD displays in our forum. $125 included shipping. I'm glad that aejjrseto98 got a good deal. That is the same part number. Why didn't you post this information earlier? The display and interface were completely new and from Pioneer. There was no warranty. David had color Xeroxed complete instructions for removing the head unit. The pictures were extremely useful. Also, he had Xeroxed the Lexus Service Manual for the head unit. It wasn't as useful. It was mainly circuit diagrams and instructions for adjusting and repairing the head unit. It didn't have specific instructions for replacing the display. It had a diagram with a handwritten arrow showing where the display screws were. A radio tech was quoting around $210 for the part and $60 labor. I thought I was getting a good deal.
  15. My LCD display for the head unit was turning dark. The radio tech says that the display is delaminating. I got a replacement LCD display with interface module from David at: jill allen [dabaysidejill01@worldnet.att.net] for $125. It came with complete instructions for removing the head unit. I was quoted $270 to replace the LCD from a radio repair shop. They also quoted $60 to replace if I provide the parts. David provides very detailed instructions with pictures for removing the radio. Make certain to cover up your wood accent pieces and be careful of scratching the foam around the radio. The radio has lots of sharp edges that can damage your car. Also the sheet metal has sharp edges that can cut you. The hardest part was removing the AC vents. I was considering buying a dash trim removal tool. It is a thin plastic blade, but I finally used the handle part of my nail clippers. It has a nice bent end that helps pry out the clips. You have to pry it out to the right of the LEXUS Premium Sound System logo. Then pry it out to the left of the warning flasher button. Then pry it out at the left top about 1 inch from the corner and then the right side about 1 inch from the corner. You have to exert a lot of force and it looks like you are damaging the foam molding. Disconnect the two electrical wires. You also have to pry out the filler strip under the climate control. Pry it out at the joint under the A/C button. Then pry it out under the Temperature knob. Gently pry it out by prying alternate sides. This exposes the four bolts that hold the radio/climate control assembly. At this point it is pretty easy. Remove the bolts. Remove the bolts holding the radio in the holder. Remove the 2 bolts holding the climate control on one side. Take out two screws holding the face plate. Remove the bottom knobs. Pull off the face plate by undoing clips on the sides and bottom. Remove the cable to the display. Remove two screws to remove the display. Put in the new one and reverse the procedure. I had some scratches in the foam molding. I used car polish to buff them out. Total time was about 2 hrs. If I had to do it again, it would take about 45 minutes.
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