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  1. I have been looking to buy a used car but it looks like the car has been unsold for a long time and in fact for more than 4 months. Is this a sign of a problem with the car? With the price and the type of car, I am sure someone would have bought it if there was no problems. Should I be cautious about this car? thank you
  2. Thanks I will look at all the cars now including the 2006 A8 as it has AWD. The 750 seems to have reliability issues I see here. I would not mind a LS430 but the 2006 is LS460 and it is way off my price range while the 2006 750 and the 2008 GS seems to be in it along with a few 2006 A8. If the LS460 was in the same price range I would have gone for it now. I am planning to buy it next month and would post pics here if I buy a Lexus.
  3. I also looking to buy either a LS 430 (2004 or 2005) or a GS 2006. The other option is a 2006 BMW 750. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am an able bodied.
  4. Thanks UCF. I am looking online at a 2006 with around 70,000 Km and around for 18k. The problem is that I am away and can only come back before Christmas time. So hopefully some good cars would be available. How is your car? How is the pick up etc and some people say that there is a huge rattle in the GS. The Gs430 I had did not have any rattles but it is a European car in the UK. Do you love the drive in the 300?
  5. If I had the choice of not using the car in the winter at all then I would also chose the LS. But I have budget restrictions too and hence I may have to go for the GS 300 AWD. It is a difficult choice and I do not want to be disappointed after buying a GS 300. What do the current owners of the GS 300 think about their cars?
  6. I think I am going to be thrown out here. LOL. I have decided not to go for the GS as I found the rear seats were not comfortable enough so now it's a choice between a LS430 2005 or a BMW 750LI 2006. Has anyone got any experience of both cars or either one of them? If so would love to hear their opinion.
  7. The 02 430 is a beauty I think. It has a lot more power with the V8 4.3 engine. I know that I love my 430 in the UK. Maybe I should look at 2005 GS AWD then? I like the look of the GS a lot more than the LS as it looks sleek. yes I am hoping that I can inspect a US car later this month as I hope to visit US. I am determined to get one but I still do not know if it is going to be a GS or a LS.
  8. Thanks Steve. My budget is around 20K or so and so trying to find a good deal. Either I go for something with a higher mileage or get a year or two older but with less mileage. So that is the question now for me.
  9. Thanks UCF. I am in the same position too and as mentioned in another post, the new GS I tested had limited space in the back compared to the older models.
  10. I know the conditions and the way a car has been looked after is of paramount importance but would a 145 to 160K GS be alright to buy depending on the conditions or is it too high mileage to be a good investment?
  11. UCF3, since you have a 2006 GS300, could I ask you about the space in the rear? Could an average height adult get in and sit comfortably in the back?
  12. Thank you UCF3. Ideally, yes the LS460 should be the car but I am a bit puzzled by the difference they have here in Canada and the ones they have in Europe. I went to the dealership in New Brunswick, Canada and they seem not have heard of the soft closing doors on the 460. Furthermore, the level of noise that filters inside is not acceptable for such a car. That kind of turned me off the 460 in Canada. I had owned the LS 400, and all the series of the BMW before I moved to Canada but never needed the awd where I lived before. The 430 I own in UK has ample space but the new 350 they have here
  13. I am looking to buy a 2007 GS 350 AWD. I have had a LS 400 and own a GS430 in UK. How is the GS350 AWD in the snow as I get a lot of snow where I live in Canada. OK, I know that it is the tires that count mostly and with proper winter studded tires even a Toyota Corolla would get through. Is it worth driving a GS in the winter with all that salt in the road? Or is the BMW, 5 series AWD a better drive? When I test drove the new GS(2011) last year, the rear space was terrible. It was so cramped that I had a hard time getting in there unlike the 430 which has ample space. I am looking for a AWD
  14. I have a 2002 GS430 and it is very uncomfortable for 3 people to sit in the back seat due to big hump there. Is this the same for the newer models of the GS too? Thank you.
  15. I thought the Nav CD comes for North America and would include Canada. The best is that if you check the current Nav in the car, it will tell you if Canada is included. The problem with in car sat nav is that it does not get upgraded often unlike the stand alone products like TomTom etc.
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