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  1. 1. Lock car with remote. 2. Open car with key driver or passenger side (unable to unlock doors with remote ... no response) 3. Driver window rolls down ... all doors still closed. 4. Open driver's door. 5. Close driver's door. Continuous lock/unlock of all doors began. 6. Turn key to on position 7. Depress electric door lock/unlock on driver's side untill lock/unlock stops. 8. Roll up window 9. Start car. 10. Turn off car ... lock with remote. Hope this helps .... Thanks for responding!
  2. Greetings, This started a couple of weeks ago on my 95 LS400 with 298K miles …. When I unlock the driver or passenger side door with the key, the driver’s window goes down. Upon opening and closing the driver’s or passenger’s door, all of the car doors will continually lock/unlock. This occurs until I turn the ignition switch on and depress the auto door lock button (not the manual lock button located by the door handle) several times. The continuous lock/unlock has happen on one occasion when I used the key to unlock the trunk. If I lock the car using the auto door lock and close the d
  3. Greetings, Looking for a reputable online parts store to purchase a rack and pinion with evo for a 95 LS400. Dealer wants $531.00 for a remanufactured unit. Has anyone dealt with Thanks In Advance!
  4. Gross!!! :P LMAO Hahaha....your day will come too my friend! You think final exams are tough...wait until you're sitting in the preacher's personal office with your soon to be bride.....hoping it doesn't start raining frogs outside and the headless horsemen don't come knockin' on the door.. hahaha Sky, quick question....have you changed your brake pads recently? Front brakes have about 35K miles on them and about 50% of pad wear left.
  5. Anyone know what would cause a clunking noise from the front end when braking hard? I just had the lower ball joints replaced which solved a clunking noise whenever I hit a bump. The noise is only noticeable when I am going forward and hit brakes hard. Any ideas? 95 LS400 130K Thanks
  6. WoW! I am going to contact the Indie and ask exactly which part missing. If its the wire retainer ...
  7. I have a 98 so I assume they are identical. If not go with the 94 instructions. The front brakes in my opinion are the easiest in the world. So much that I actually enjoy changing them. Just remove the metal wiring holding the pins, then remove the pins (careful not to let the clamp holding the brakes in place fly out and hit you or cause injury). Then remove the brakes. The sensor is a little tricky as you have to work it's way out of the brake pad carefully so you don't damage it. Then just do a reverse process. I use long neck pliers to position the calipers. The rear brakes are si
  8. The link above states for 90-94 LS. Are the procedures the same for a 95? What's the difference in a Brake Pad Sensor vs ABS sensor? Thanks!
  9. Greetings, I am looking for a pdf that outlines how to replace front and rear brakes on a 95 LS including the brake sensors. BTW, what is the part number and where to purchase the rear brake sensor? Thanks In Advance!!!
  10. I would check the belt, if not, take it to a Toyota/Lexus dealer. NEVER go to the Firestone or good year. Also, if you go to the Lexus dealer, they will charge you close to 750+ for the alternator, which can be found 200-300 online. But since your on a trip, you might not have a choice. Good luck. ← I located a Toyota dealership that's less than three miles away. I'll have them check the accessory belt first. Thanks Everyone ...
  11. Greetings, My ABS and battery discharge light came on today while driving. On the way back, both lights remained off until the battery discharge came back on after 40 minutes of driving. I did notice a high pitch whinning noise coming from under the hood when I first started the car. I thought it was Power Steering related but the resevior was full. I replaced the battery about a month ago. I checked the fuses and belt tension which appears to be fine. The closest automotive shops near Perimeter Mall that I have located is Firestone or GoodYear. Does the symptoms above sound like a bad a
  12. Greetings Earlier this week I decoded the check engine light error code to be P0430. I checked my K&N air filter (only 3 months old - 6000K miles) and discovered it was filthy. I replaced the filter with a stock filter from the stealer. I disconnected the battery terminal for an hour and started the car. The check engine light was off and I noticed an increase in power. Two hundred miles later, the check engine light came back on. Any ideas what could be causing the light to come back on? I haven't noticed a loss of power or hear any thing out of the ordinary. Will I damage any com
  13. Greetings, Need to replace front and rear rotors on 95 LS with 96K miles. Indie states front rotors have turned "blue" from over-heating and wants $780.00 for job using OEM parts. I thought I would seek advice from the group before committing. I do about 450 miles a week mostly hi-way driving. I am looking for rotors that will last and pads that do not squeek and are virtually dust free. Should I go with the OEM or Brembo Cross Drilled rotors? What type of Pads? Also need a good place for purchase. If e-bay, please give name of seller. Thanks In Advance!
  14. I really want to use my fogs as driving lights. I can only turn my fogs on if the low beams are on. While at the dealer, I asked about having my fogs being able to come on independently or with parking lights. I was told that a new relay would be needed and was advised not to modify any electrical components as it may cause "other" components to fail. I had given up on the idea until I saw what appeared to be a 95-97 LS with only the fogs buring on the interstate today. I really wanted to stop and talk to him but we were both cruizing about 90 B) Any one have any ideas on what I need t
  15. Seeking an OBD tool for 1995 LS400. Can be hand held, PDA, or laptop driven. Thanks In Advance
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