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  1. My LS430 tires will be needing replacement pretty soon. Do tires make a difference regarding ride comfort for the LS430? Or is it all in the suspension? What comfort-riding and noise experience have you guys had with tires? TIA
  2. this car may be too big for me. I currently have a GS300 as my daily driver. I really love the GS and I know I'm not going to be able to let her go easily. But I gotta admit, I've eyeballed an LS430 for the past 2 years and have test driven a bunch of 01's and 02's. IMO, LS430 is much better than even the S500 or 740. But I just couldn't locate one with all the Must-Haves (White EXT, Mark Lev, Nav, Ca Walnut Wood). There was always atleast one must-have missing. When all the must-have's were there, the price, or the mileage, was insane! But I just found one at a Carmax in GA for with only 1
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