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  1. Well, I just wanted to give a bit of advice. DON'T BREAK YOUR VENTS when changing out the radio on a 93-96! I searched high and low at the salvages, ebay etc with no luck! I found EVERY color but black. I thought about dying them, but I like stuff right. So, I set out today and bought NEW. Oh ya, it set me back just under a C Note. So, there goes my Grey Goose budget!
  2. oldnfat

    Vents Needed

    I need a set of center a/c vents for a 93 ES 300 in black. I prefer perfect condiditon. If you have any, please contact me! Thanks!!
  3. Well, since I'm trying to get more posts under my I can post other places... :D I'm a self-employed financial advisor. For the old timers out there, I'm a "Stockbroker"!
  4. Heck, do the stock radios bring that much? I've got one out of a 1993 I'll let go cheap! It's not the CD changer control head unit. I'm open to offers. I'd take $100 and pay shipping.
  5. After trying to replace the factory AM/FM head unit with a Factory CD changer control head unit, I broke the A/C Vents on my 1993 ES-300. Does anyone have some I could buy? I'd prefer black, but if the price was right....I could dye them. Thanks.
  6. Well, I gave up on trying to get the vents out. For about the last 90 days, I've been too busy to try anymore. Well, here we are on Memorial Day Weekend, I set out to finish this way or another. You guessed it, I got the vents out....only after they busted! So, here's another question. Where can I get another set?? In black!!
  7. These vents are a pain in the wazoo! I've still yet to get them out. I try for about 15-20 minutes a night. I've taken 2 putty knives and wrapped them in masking tape (to keep from skratching) and work my way around pushing, pulling...prying HARD...nothing...not even a centimeter. I'm going to break them or tear the dash up. I'm about to put a chain around them and ease them out with my engine hoist.......too bad I don't have a sun roof! :chairshot:
  8. Sorry guys, I have a 1993! And I'm about to pull the motor and plasma cut a hole in the firewall and remove the radio that way!!
  9. Ok guys, I'm sick of it!!! How do I get the stinking vents out to get to the radio screws???!!! I've pushed the clips out and pulled and pry'd and can't get the vents out!! I've circled the entire set of vents looking for more clips luck. The set that is in the bottom of the left and right vent are popped out...but the vents are still TIGHT as anything. I DON'T want to break anything trying. Any suggestions??
  10. Ok guys, I've been trying to take the radio out of my 93 ES 300...with little luck. I got the bottom was easy, but the top has me stumped. I took off the little clips to expose the screws...but, they are at an angle I can't get to...and even if I did, I'd NEVER get it back togethor. It seems to mee that the logical way to get the thing apart is to take out the vents. The LAST thing I want to do is break them or crack, tear, scratch..breath on wrong the dash. So, are there any tricks on getting the A/C vents out?? Thanks!!
  11. Has anyone tried to add a newer year model steering wheel to a 93 ES 300? I love the look of the Burl Wood and Leather...and my older one is looking rough. They look very similar....although I've nevr had one in my hands. I would go with a Nardi or Momo, but I like to keep things in the cabin looking factory. Thanks
  12. I've been trying to find a cable to connect a factory CD changer and factory radio in my '93 ES 300. My car currently has a non-cd changer control head unit...I would like to ad a factory head unit and changer, but, from what I've's not exactly "plug and play" Does anyone make an aftermarket or custom cable? Thanks!!
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