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  1. A balance issue that ruined the tires? Thats not on the tires, thats on them not being balanced properly.
  2. Drive it and see what you think. Is it in good shape, maintenance records? Has the timing belt been replaced? Just bear in mind, a 1998 LS is going on 15 years old...
  3. Thats the RWD vs FWD. Bear in mind too that the E350 is a much more expensive car than the ES. The LS is a V8, but its very economical. Mileage will be similar to your ES. You should really drive an LS before you decide. The LS rides like no other car.
  4. Correct. You could disconnect the car as a bluetooth audio player and not as a phone, its two separate connections. Its a phone issue, I don't think theres any way for it to not send alert tones when its connected through bluetooth as an audio player.
  5. When the phone is connected via Bluetooth, the email or text sound is routed through the audio system. So if you aren't listening to something off of the phone, such as the BT streaming or apps, you won't hear any phone sound when a text or email comes in.
  6. Riiight... This is a discussion forum, this is not owned by Lexus, and its not yours to use as a conduit for your thoughts without accepting the viewpoints of others. If you want to say something to Lexus...and not start a discussion where other people join in and share their opinions...send them an email. However if you want to be taken seriously by Lexus or anyone else I would suggest you work on your typing and writing skills beforehand. And save your opinions about what the forum should and should not be used for to those of us who have spent the last decade building it. A blog is an online publication of one persons thoughts. This is not a blog, it's a discussion forum. Thread closed.
  7. I remember that brake that was dragging on the 4Runner when you guys were here looking at houses LOL Lets set that lunch up!
  8. I'm sorry...but I absolutely cannot understand half of what you're trying to say...
  9. Sounds to me like you should hang onto your 2012. I don't see it. IMHO the 2013 LS is a big upgrade to the 2012 in style and amenities. Higher end finishes and trim inside, I like the look of the spindle grill on the LS, I think its the most attractive application. The remote touch controller is a big improvement over the touchscreen once you get the hang of it. The "fins" on the tailights and sideview mirrors are airfoils to further reduce wind noise. There is no such vehicle as a LS450h.
  10. If you're going to keep it for a while, I'd also buy the Highlander probably. I'm still not 100% sold on the domestic carmaker's reliability. Take our Jeep, great materials, great ride and drive, but the little electrical gremlins are a problem. Phantom right rear taillight out, cruise control that only works sometimes, rear window button that is inoperative. Have to take it to the dealer next week for a whole laundry list of little things... Not used to that with Toyotas. On another note, glad to hear things are going so well...that big bonus check...lets have lunch again and talk about investment property ;)
  11. Pohanka is the only time I have ever walked into a Lexus dealer and felt dirty when I left. Sleazy place! Have you looked at the Pilot? Are you looking new or used?
  12. My problem is the materials inside, the headliner is cheap, plastics are hard and cheap, carpet is thin and cheap. Just such a contrast from how a Toyota used to be. They get expensive pretty quick too..
  13. Let me guess, he bought the IS originally from Pohanka Lexus in Cantilly? My problem with the Highlander is that its so cheap inside, like all Toyotas nowadays. Reliable, but devoid of any quality or style...
  14. I gave myself an early Christmas present too!
  15. It may not be possible...you'll have to check with a Saudi dealer...
  16. The MMI is pretty good, I like the way they have the controls laid out and I like the thing you can trace letters on with your finger.
  17. Wasn't meant to be snarky, it's just that people think their airbags should always go off, if the airbags didn't deploy then the accident was of such an angle or force that the computer determined that deploying the airbags would do more harm than good. Also bear in mind that deploying the airbag generally, but not always, totals the vehicle because of the incredible cost of replacing them. $10,000 in damage isn't as much as you'd think nowadays. Your description of the accident doesn't sound to me like something where you would expect the airbags to deploy. Enform isn't notified unless the airbags deploy.
  18. I got used to the remote controller in my new GS pretty quickly. I found you have to set the resistance all the way to high. Joysticks are the way of the future, almost everyone uses a joystick controller now. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Infiniti...there are just so many controls, menus and functions in cars, the touchscreen interface is just too complicated.
  19. They sell them, but they are factory wheels that have been chrome plated aftermarket. shouldn't matter, if the dealer put them on they should be covered by the warranty, not sure about the extended warranty...
  20. If the car is a 2007...it's out of warranty probably. What is your in service date? The wheels are aftermarket chrome plated, probably by the dealer. Lexus does not offer OEM chrome wheels, hasn't since 2000 or so.
  21. The airbags do not deploy in a rear collision, only a frontal collision. Airbags are not some magic thing that makes every accident okay. They won't protect you from whiplash or a hurt lower back in a rear end collision. They are to protect you from frontal deceleration forces in a frontal collision.
  22. Merry Christmas! The new GS got some winter mats, so she's happy.
  23. Steering wheel locked up and preventing it from starting. That used to happen to me on the 2003, couldn't turn the key... At least you figured it out!
  24. Glad you have it back! Long wait...