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  1. Congrats! I've had my 2013 GS for going on 5 months (hard to believe) and 7,700 miles. I absolutely love it...it was a huge upgrade from my 2010 ES, and I'm sure it is from your Camry... What color interior did you get?
  2. I sat in one at the car show, I would like to take one for a test drive. My issue with it is the interior, you give up a lot in comfort amenities from a typical $55-60k luxury sedan, no full console, seats aren't as comfortable, materials aren't as good, no map pockets in the doors and not a lot of storage. Stuff that you should not have to give up. Exterior is just great, great looking car.
  3. Next time I'm out on the 'shore or you're over here in hell we'll have to get together for lunch so I can check that bad boy out! Yeah to me the new Sport just doesn't look special. The front looks like the Range Rover, back looks like the Evoque, and the sides just look bland. Yours is one of a kind from every angle...definitely a keeper IMHO.
  4. The ES absolutely has the same NuLuxe synthetic leather on the upper dash as my GS does. I drove 6 or 7 of them at length when I almost bought one before I got the GS...its not as padded as the GS, but its there.
  5. Yeah your model is I think maybe the best looking SUV ever made. The new one looks like a inflated Evoque to me, especially in the rear. The interior is not nearly as unusual or as sporty as yours either, it looks just like the Evoque too.
  6. The new alternator you had installed, was it new, remanufactured, OEM, aftermarket?
  7. The dash is actually stitched, they are all stitched by hand. Its not leather, its the nu-luxe material. My GS has the same stitching...
  8. I have been very surprised by how many Teslas I see here. I saw 3 just this morning!
  9. Lookin good! Have you seen the new Range Rover Sport coming out next year? I think your model is much more attractive...
  10. You will always have higher MPG on the highway than in the city. The engine is much more efficient at at steady even speed than it is accelerating/decelerating, etc. Remember also when stopped the MPG is 0. The only vehicles that get better mileage in the city vs the highway are hybrids due to the regenerative brakes. Doesn't matter how carefully you drive in the city, MPG will always be better on the highway.
  11. You should definitely drive one. Does that one have the luxury package and the AVS? I always loved my ES350 too, I had about 6 months left on the lease and was underwhelmed with the new 2013 ES, and this was just too good a deal to pass up. I'm paying about $80 a month more than I was paying for my ES, and about $40 a month more than a new ES would have been for a $20,000 more expensive car...
  12. I sure can, sorry it took me so long its been crazy town around here. My GS is a Luxury AWD model with the AVS suspension. I had a 2010 ES before it, and actually had a 2012 ES as a loaner not long ago and it was interesting to get back into that car after having been in the GS for 4 months. I greatly prefer the way the GS rides. The ES is more softly sprung, theres no question about that. At low speeds say pulling out of the garage or going over speed bumps, you can tell that the GS is definitely a stiffer car. The GS however has a much more sophisticated suspension setup, and it glides down the road in a much more solid, stable way, in a way that reminds me a lot of the LS actually. It has a premium heft to it that the ES does not have. It rides beautifully, yet its much flatter in turns and when you put it into Sport S+ mode it really turns into another animal. In terms of noise, the GS is very quiet (be sure to get the Michelin tires, not the Dunlops), and wind noise is very hushed, very similar to the ES. The GS luxury model does have double paned acoustic glass like the LS does, which helps make it quieter. Big difference is the engine note. The ES is engineered to be nearly silent, where the GS actually has an intake sound generator that gives it an audible very deep intake growl when you really get on the throttle. I go back and forth on that, you really don't hear it unless you get heavy on the throttle, but its different than the ES. Hope that helps. I will never own an ES again now that I have this GS. All in all the solidity, the premium feel, the quality of materials are all a big step up from the ES.
  13. SW03ES

    Ls460 Lurches

    Every car with an automatic transmission creeps when in drive. I've never owned a car that would not drive over a speed bump with no throttle applied in drive...
  14. If you have an iPhone unfortunately you cannot reply as of now. Its a limitation pertaining to the iPhone...
  15. Welcome! Nope, we're 100% enthusiast owned.
  16. Welcome to the club! All the info you seek should be in the IS forums...
  17. I've heard a few similar things, my test drives of the 2013 ES left me with the impression that the two rode very similarly, but more than a few people have voiced concerns similar to yours. Do you have the 17s? I'd reduce the pressure down to 30.
  18. LOL, I'm going to ignore the chauvinism and sexism of this statement and chock it up to us being from different generations. Its Django Unchained. The difference between a movie, and a rap song, and a post on the LOC is that the first two were sought out by someone looking for that sort of entertainment. Two mediums that just cannot be more dissimilar. The LOC is just not a place for anything that could be construed as being racist, or sexist, or whatever.
  19. Welcome to the club!
  20. Its pretty unusual to see a lease on a used car nowadays, VERY few banks will do them anymore. Lexus Financial for instance will not. Hard to say whether it was a good deal without more details. I wouldn't have put the $5k down...