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  1. LEX-SV is a longtime respected member of our community Schille1, he is not the representative you've been dealing with at the dealer. Lets not get paranoid. I agree with the others that the issue should have been reported during the warranty period. Unfortunately since it was not, my guess is you are going to be out of luck now. This is obviously a pretty rare issue, I've had 5 Lexus vehicles and driven many more and have never experienced the issue you've mentioned...
  2. I'm going to move this to the appropriate forum, welcome to the site!
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    If you don't want a profile, don't create a profile. We don't go through and delete profiles at people's whims. If you don't want to use your profile any longer...simply abandon it.
  4. They really are great, great customer service too if you ever have an issue
  5. It must have connected to the BT audio player in your iPhone when it connected at that startup...
  6. Sorry to hear about the hardships buddy, hang in there...
  7. Android phones will support the message reply functions, the iPhone does not. The issue is not with the Toyota/Lexus system, its Apple not supporting the Bluetooth profile necessary for you to respond to texts via the car.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised about Mitsubishi, but I would be about Volvo...they have a pretty solidified following in the US, brand recognition, etc.
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Its an acoustic windshield, but Lexus has been using acoustic windshields for years. I've never heard of such an issue here or on other Lexus forums, I'm pretty confident if it is an issue with the glass, replacing it would solve it.
  11. Yeah my heart bled for the guy haha
  12. Right...we don't want to upset this random guy!
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    Thanks again guys, very much appreciated!
  14. No issue with mine. Its probably some sort of film or residue on the glass, have you tried cleaning the glass really well inside and out?
  15. There was a guy who lived in the neighborhood I grew up in that had speed bumps removed for his Ferraris LOL
  16. Yes, thank you for coming in after 4 posts and admonishing the top posters and administration of the site for discussing a certain topic. As Jim said, this is the Club Lounge forum, for off topic discussions. If you only want to discuss Lexus thats fine, stay out of this forum.
  17. Perhaps there was something wrong with your 2013 GS. I know there is a TSB to replace the non-laminated glass on the lower package GS with the laminated glass of the luxury package GS because of wind noise, mine is the luxury package. There is no wind noise, there is also very little road noise. Obviously the GS is a sportier car than the LS by design, so there is a level of connection to the road that the LS doesn't have. I drove a 2010 LS460 back to back with a 2013 GS before I bought the GS, and while the LS is quieter no doubt as it is supposed to be, its not dramatically quieter, and the GS is certainly also very quiet. I'm not quite sure why you went to the GS from the LS in the first place. Did you test drive the GS first? The LS is a much bigger car.
  18. Road noise typically is not a function of window insulation or fit. My GS350 is VERY quiet, with little to no road noise or wind noise. I've driven the LS extensively (my Dad had two) and while its certainly quieter (as you would expect since they are $30,000 more), the difference is not incredible. Runflats are notorious for noise and a hard ride. In fact the 3GS came with runflats but Lexus switched back to regular tires for the 4GS because of overwhelming customer complaints. I'd never put runflats on a vehicle.
  19. The runflats you put on would explain your noise issues...
  20. Yeah power folding mirrors and a power closing trunk are some of those head scratchers, the car has those features overseas...
  21. I love the Cabernet, if I had gotten the F-Sport thats what I would have gotten...