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  1. GS 430, If your status is New Club Member then you are not allowed to post in this forum. You must make a contribution to the forums before you can post here. When you have made enough posts, your status will change, and you will be allowed to post. This has become necessary due to the number of people registering purely to sell, and not contributing to our community
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  3. Just picked up a 1 owner Lexus certified 2004 GS 430.It is crystal white with ivory int.,factory chrome wheels and factory navigation.I purchased it from Chicago IL for $29000,under 18,000 miles.The car is completely stock.
  4. That is correct.. that's not what I wanted to hear. Anything can be accomplished. If i wanted to I could simply sell the car and buy a 'Benz E55. I simply want to stick with my GS because i truly _love_ my car. Throw a turbo kit on that bad boy and kick some @!#.
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