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  1. Anybody own a 460 here? We're almost three years into a new model, and this looks like a GX470 forum. Just askin'....
  2. A little research again - looks like the electronic compass was deleted in the Nav-equipped models for 2011....
  3. Anyone know what options are needed for the rearview mirror compass to be included? My 470 had it, but doesn't seem to be in my 460, and I have the Premium with some additional options... Thanks!
  4. My bad - checked through Lexus Drivers, and it looks like v10.1 is the current version, cost (I assume similar to those posted) should be around $199, and the GX 460 isn't even listed for the update (too new maybe). Should be an easy way to user-update the Nav when necessary though, and I assume you would be notified through Lexus Enform...
  5. Just purchased a GX 460 and I notice there seems to be a way to update the Nav through the onboard screen with Lexus Enform. Anyone know how this works? My current version seems to be 10.1, but when you go through the screens there is a final screen that advises you will be charged and the decision is irreversible, and then has an option to "Agree." How do you tell if your version is current? If it is, will the download still be charged? If it isn't, is there a screen that tells you what the charges will be? Haven't advanced past the "Agree" screen yet, for obvious reasons. Any advice appreciated - thanks!
  6. A question when buying a new Lexus to replace the old - I know you can blank all previous info in the GPS database, but is there a way to transfer all destination information to the new ride? I have a few dozen locations recorded and would prefer not to enter them all over again...thanks!
  7. Am I confused, or did Lexus re-badge all their SUVs to "10" (Rx10, LX10, GX10)?? No more 460, 350, etc. Will this make people feel safer who read Consumer Reports?
  8. Dealer told me it would have the new Nav controls/HD similar to the RX....
  9. What's up with the new color lineup for GX? Looks like a basic pallet (a la early BMW) - no green, white, fire-engine red, black, etc.? Paint too expensive to spread around among the models? In fact, looks limited in general among the trucks...
  10. I got to play with one at the recent auto show here, and yes, I am assured it has full functionality when moving (didn't get to drive it, so I'm merely relaying information). Downside (if there is one) is that Lexus gave up the touch screen, which would be problematic anyway since the screen is deeply recessed; a plus is that there is absolutely no glare, voice-activation really works with "natural" commands (and it is in the RX), and the controls, as reviewed, are completely intuitive and a breeze to use, a vast improvement over BMW's (previous) i-Drive. Waiting for this technology in the GX....
  11. OK - news about Sirius declaring Chapter 11 - where does that leave the thousands of owners of satellite radio subscriptions/installations in their cars? Just asking...
  12. Sat in a 2010 RX today, and the nav worked on a joystick (a la "BMW I Drive"!); looked like and I was assured that it could be changed WHILE THE CAR WAS MOVING! WoW! Downside is that it was no longer touch screen (but very far recessed into the dash so touch would be problematic)... Other neat features - backup camera AND parking assist; heads-up instrument and nav display on the windscreen; ability to change any factory parameters (again, a la BMW) by the driver...lots of other changes
  13. for me during summer ill use 5-30 but in winter times ill use 5w-20 since i usually do cold starting...i think for the warranty it doesnt matter if its 20 or 30 as long both are accepted by lexus Um...I believe the "5w" is the cold weight....
  14. Excellent article. I do put Mobil1 full synthetic in my VW. What weight do you suggest for GX470? living in Arizona? 5W-30 or 10W-30 or 5W-40 or 10W-40? Owners Manual recommendation is 5w-30, which is the weight I've always used with previous Lexus (3 of 'em) and BMWs (4 of 'em), everywhere from New Mexico to Central Germany, so AZ should be in the engine problems, ever, and 75-100K per each before trade generally; I change oil 3-5K even with synthetic; pretty cheap insurance....
  15. 2009 GX470, currently 12K miles, 17-18 city, 20-22 highway...
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