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  1. :cries: :cries: I finally got my IS300 last week A 2002 Solar Yellow with suede interior! However yesterday on a very bad road I severely curb checked my front passenger side wheel. It damaged all the suspension and since the car is lowered it pushed the wheel into the fender so it is now in the shop being repaired and I am home crying! To make matters worse I LOVE the wheels on my car yet they are no longer made.........My insurance will pay for a new one if I can find it so I really want to find one. I need one but will buy a whole set if you have some and don’t want to split them up. I need a 5Zigen 5ZR Copse Hyper Black 19x7.5 or if you have a set of theses in 19" staggered widths and want to sell the set I am interested as well I just want to keep the wheels I have now and they aren’t made anymore. If anyone knows where to get one or if you have one please let me know ASAP. Thanks Everyone, Darick (801) 808-7422