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  1. 400RWHP, I get 380RWHP, with the supra swap and just an AEM Computer at 16 pounds, then in the track, we raise 18.5 pounds and the tranny break down. If you change it to manual, the 5 speed just hold 600RWHP. now I have 520RWHP, with a manual 1JZ tranny, with the supra housing, and I´m having issues, so I already order a 6speed Japanese Supra, that holds 1000HP. If you can go with the 6speed, don´t waste time and money. like I did. Go to Titan motorsport and ask some advise about the 6speed swap.
  2. Well, I´m on that mods too. I´m going on 7.5 front and 8.5 rear. some people tell me that I can go 8 and 9 and even 9.5 rear, but It will have positive Camber, and the inner side of the tire will be slick on few months. I´m going on 7.5 and 8.5 Axis super hiro, black with red lip, and 225/40R18 front and 245/40R18 rear on semi-slick tires for Street racing purpose.
  3. I´m thinking in Full Coilover convertion for my IS200, same as IS300, I´m thinking in: Tein Flex. GReddy TypeS HKS RS Tanabe SUSTEC PRO S-OC TYPE 2 G4 RACING COILOVERS K-Sport Kontrol Pro Coilover D2 RS Coilovers If anyone have a better option, just let me know.
  4. Well, I'm thinking in going staggered, but I use my car for drag race, I'm going to buy 18x7.5 or 8 front with 225/40R18 and 18x8.5 rear with 245/35 or 40R18..... if you don't have lot of HP, and you do not need grip, you can have 18 wheels not staggered, with your 225/40/18 so you can switch them front to rear without problems. If you like the racing look, go staggered, with 2 inchs lip.
  5. Hello Guys, I´m trying to set few psi on my car, but this boost controller I don´t know how to use it. We gain to 16 psi once, but the the car resets, and we never could make it gain psi again. If someone have this boost controller, please help me. I got Stock twin turbos from 2JZ-GTE
  6. IS200 and IS300 used diferents springs rate, I have buy mine in TTE, Toyota Team Europe, they lower about 0.7 front and 1" rear, but with the supra engine, front lower about 1.3" and rear 1.2" perfect for daily driving, and feels like factory, no bounce at any speed. feels a little unstable when you pass 220km/h (130mph) but at that speed any car feels like that.
  7. Hello everyone. I have an Lexus IS200, I had a supercharger on it (by the way,is for sale) but I blow the tranny, and I want more power so, I made a supra swap, 2jzgte, with manual transmission, 5speed,(the 1jz transmission with the 2jz "envolvente" (I dont know how to say that in english) Mods: Performance: AEM computer TRD REAR END POSI. Aeromotive fuel regulator 3" full exhaust HKS muffler 3" AEM Wideband AEM boost controler Front mount intercooler 3" piping intake HKS Blowoff valve SSQV Coming soon(December) Single turbo GT40R twin scroll Fullrace manifold 44mm wastegate 272 Cams HKS or Crower Gs430 rear end Exedy Carbon twin clutch All the sway bars and stabilizer bars .................................................I spec to gain at least 550HP, because my tranny will break at 600hp.... Then after that, 6speed upgrade, boost up to about 30-35 psi, to gain 750rwhp.... But my problem is..... I NEED GRIP.....Even now with just 400RWHP my rear wheels slip like the track is wet. So I will buy new 18 wheels, but I need to know the offset and the size I need for this car. Also remember that this is my daily car. I´m thinking in Axis wheels, HIRO, 7.5 front, 8 or 8.5 rear.or Advan GSII or Works wheels..... tires 225/40R18 front, but rear I don´t know if 245/40R18 or 255/35R18 will fit. I´m sure that 235/40R18 fit perfectly. I now have Toyo Proxes4 tires, on OEM 17 wheels, 215/45R17.....I will buy BFGoodrich G-force T/A KDW 2...or Potenza RE070...or Nitto NT555....or Toyo Proxes T1-S...... Please let me know any advice, tips or any kind of information that can help me. Specially with the tires and rims. Exterior Mods: Carbon fiber hood C1 Body kit (may 2008) Carbon trunk(may2008) Rear spoiler Roof Spoiler CF(may 2008) Interior mods:(late 2008) JBL Complete Car Audio Pioneer DVD in dash Bride interior 4points TAKATA seat belts Blue Dash ilumination(tired of orange) FEW more things ...will think in proces.
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