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  1. I was thinking about NO2, but I have a 1st gen, did you not change anything, just installed the kit? no colder plugs, nothing? What kit are you using? I just want to pull up next to a Z28 and purge ;)
  2. What about a pulley set? I haven't seen too many people do it, but it's relatively cheap and I remember when I swapped pullies on the last car I had it made a HUGE difference!
  3. You might wanna try the following search on EBAY, I'm sure you'll find some of these parts cheaper than you think (98,1998,99,1999,2000,00,2001,01,2002,02,2003,03,2 004,04,2005,05) (gs300,gs 300,aristo,jzs 160,jzs160,jzs 161,jzs161) -(wheel,wheels,rim,rims,BHP,car cover,chip,rtec,3 " air intake filter,suicide) http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/search....=&fsop=3&fsoo=2
  4. you can get the S-AFC II on ebay for $255 shipped. http://search.ebay.com/S-AFC-II_W0QQfromZR...leZSQ2dAFCQ20II I had a buddy with a 97 Eclipse GS-T, DSM, it wasn't that hard to use, but you might want input from people who have it installed already, I believe it will change depeding on which mods you do have, it's NOT HARD to tune it though.
  5. I LOVE Ebay, I've found so many new and used parts for my car, performance, maintence, and replacement; power antenna, tranny filters, oil filters, floor mats, trunk struts, to name a few....but I was trying to PERFECT my search so to speak, and this is what I came up with..... (93,1993,94,1994,95,1995,96,1996,97,1997) (gs300,gs 300,aristo,jzs 147,jzs147) -(wheel,wheels,rim,rims) I found WAY more good stuff than usual, Heck, they have an HKS oil filler cap for less than $20 shipped, not a big part, but when the TRD cap is $80 it's worthwhile..... Just thought you guys might wanna try that search, it came back with LOADS of goodies!!! ENJOY!
  6. I can post a few links for you, I don't know how much they'll help...I remember asking for advice before, because I wanted an intake and exhaust, obviously one won't do much w/out the other, but I don't want to sacrifice LEXUS comfort for 5 WHP, I don't want NOISE....So, I pretty much gave up on the whole idea.... http://www.andysautosport.com/products.php...ce&scat=Exhaust http://www.suprastore.com/gs300gs400se.html http://www.jic-magic.com/productsjic_bullet.htm http://www.overboost.com/obs/search.asp?se...49&search_butto http://www.tdi-plc.com/gs300.html
  7. Well, I can't update my garage, I get the following error, I tried to email the administrator, but I guess he has more important things to do....
  8. 110 in a 50 in the GS, drunk, stopped by a state trooper, and beat the $260 ticket cause she never showed up to court 120 in a 70 in a Mitsubishu Galant ES, I didn't even know it could go that fast, DID NOT beat that ticket, damn GA cops!
  9. Yep, http://www.luxurymods.com/ProductDetail.ph...D=1044&fid=1019 I KNEW I saw that, $350 doesn't seem too bad, seems' like a pretty cool mod!
  10. I thought I saw an adjustment for coilovers for GS's somewhere where the relay is ran to the cabin, I KNOW I saw it actually, it was around $300 I think I'll see if I can find it again.....
  11. I have the same problem, athough my Rims aren't exactly the straightest, I had them road force balanced as well, seemed to be fine for about 3 days, then back to the same old thing. I bought hub rings when I had them balanced. I've pretty much given up on the idea of the vibs EVER going away. I just try to stay over or under the speed at which it's too annoying to bear!
  12. By the way, I was in Mississauga, met an AWESOME chick there...Nice clubs too!
  13. SK, I'm not asking to be spoon-fed, I apologize if you feel I "insulted" you.... All I was asking is if there's simply a kit or part(s) you can buy that doesn't require modification, if not I'm really not interested. It's nothing personal! If I HAVE to sign up for another forum and spend hours droning through posts to find the answer I will, I just assumed that some of you might be able to give me a quick yes or no answer. Yes, there's a kit you can buy or no, it's not that simple.... Thanks for your initial responses and help, I know it's frustrating to answer the same questions over and over but it's not like I didnt attempt to find the answer before I posted. Furthermore, I'm in IRAQ with the Marines and the Internet is SLOW as hell; makes researching less than desirable, but all that is irrelevant..... Anyway cheers
  14. OK, is that just for low beams, or the whole pakage? I would like them for highs/lows, and fogs, and SK any idea where to find this rebase kit you're speaking of? and does it include everything I mentioned or do I have to buy 3 kits? Sorry, I'm just completely ignorant to the HID thing.....and HIDPlanet wants you to register, as if I'm not registered to enough freakin sites.... This is just one of those things that I really don't know or care to know how or why it works, I just want them.... I found a boat load of stuff on EBay, but once again I don't know what will work and what wont
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