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  1. I have a 1997 LS400 that flattens healthy batteries in only a few hours.Overnight is more than enough. We've checked batteries,drains etc but I now I think that it only happens when we forget to lock it. Our LS430 and SC430 seem fine,locked or unlocked. Anyone had this problem?
  2. OK, I'm in Sydney and if you were here, I would have recommended an independant mechanic (he owned LS400 and SC430) to see about the rotors. Anyway, sounds like Lexus changed your rotors already, so there's nothing you can do now. Next time, tell Lexus to call you if any work outside of a handbook service is required. Then you can instruct them not to change the rotors and you can get an independant shop to check the rotors - just incase the dealership was trying to rip you off. BTW, my other car is a 350Z. I read about another 350Z owner that was quoted $5,800 to replace all rotors and pads by his Nissan dealer after just 30,000km. After having the brakes checked by a speciallist brake shop, he was advised that just the front pads needed changing - total cost $250.
  3. Have a close look at the front brake rotors. If you can see a 1mm lip on the outer circumference of the rotor, then it is out of spec. If the edge of the rotor is flush with the rotor face, then the rotor is fine and Lexus may be attempting to fleece you. Where abouts in Aust are you? Have a close look at the front brake rotors. If you can see a 1mm lip on the outer circumference of the rotor, then it is out of spec. If the edge of the rotor is flush with the rotor face, then the rotor is fine and Lexus may be attempting to fleece you. Where abouts in Aust are you? Thanks everybody for the quick replies.My father drives it very carefully and there's definitely no track work going on here! The original rotors looked fine to us and our independent mechanic who sprecialises in M-B and other German cars.He was very surprised too. We live in Brisbane.
  4. We just had the 40000KM service on our 2001 LS430 and were quite astounded to hear that its rotors were under specification and had to be replaced.New pads front and rear were expected but front rotors too? Is this normal on a 430? Our '97 LS400 has 75000KM on the clock and still has the original rotors.
  5. Ours,which is the same year model, had that noise too.Turned out to be radius arm bushes and engine mounts. I was a bit surprised at only 60,000 KM's.
  6. Thanks for the advice.Everyone over here says the battery will come up as new with a slow 24HR charge but I'm not so sure. How do you guys find the AC Delco sealed batteries over there?
  7. Thanks for your replies! I got the AC Delco supplier to load test the battery and it's fine so I got my mechanic to check the car again and it's fine too.Nothing dramatic is drawing.He said it's close to perfect,which is what I'd expect. It would have to be an alarm,or a door open to kill a battery that quick,I would have thought.
  8. I've got a 97 LS400 that the battery,a new AC Delco, keeps going flat in.There is no warning,the car can be driven one day without a problem and the next,the battery is as flat as a tack. I have had the battery checked and it's fine and I've had the LS checked twice and everything is fine there too.Nothing seems to be left on,no doors are left open etc.I had a little spark at the terminal when I reconnected after recharging but that is all. I have equipped most of our cars with the Delco batteries and I am very happy with them up to now. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. At the lights,the instrument lighting fades in and out.If I turn the A/C off,it stabilises.Turn it on,problem returns. Should I have it investigated?
  10. My requirements are probably different to yours ie no snow but I have Pirelli P7's on ours.They are extremely responsive,ride well,work in the wet and aren't noisy.We had Continentals on before that were very good too.
  11. Einszett Lederpflege all the way for me.I use it on all our Lexi and everything else in the stable.It cleans and conditions nicely and smells good too.
  12. Good advice.They look horrible on spokey wheels.Something like "Lorinser" styles look good on them.What you want is a nice correctly offset 8 or 8.5 " wheel that fills the guards well. There are some great Japanese made wheels around that don't look garish like so many do.
  13. Stay as close to the original 50mm ET as possible.Down to 45 would be OK and go for at least an 8 inch rim to carry the 235/45.
  14. No trouble with the advice.Whatever you buy over there,make sure it is a reputable brand preferably out of Germany,Italy or Japan and not an inferior copy from Taiwan,Indonesia etc,from a reputable company like Tire Rack. I have always liked Pirelli,especially the P Zero.They grip well,ride well,last well and are quiet.There are others from Michelin,Continental too.
  15. If you have to go to a 21mm offset (ET) to clear the calipers,you are definitely being sold the wrong wheel!The LS400 will be absolutely awful with that much of an overtrack.It will tramline,almost certainly foul everywhere,be very heavy to steer. The standard wheel is 7x16ET45 and you should try to keep as close to 45 as possible to maintain the geometry etc that LEXUS built into it.There certainly are wheels out there in 8 or 8.5 '' widths with 40 to 45 mm ET's that will clear the brakes.Also,don't forget to keep the 60mm centre bore otherwise it will drive you crazy with vibration plus you'll be loading up the wheel studs dangerously! I would probably go for the 245/45x18 all round although it's possible that you could fit a 9-10x18 on the rear with a 265/40 or better still a 275/40,if clearance is OK.
  16. Our 97 LS400 had a heavy knock under brakes forwards and backwards and over speed bumps.Turned out to be radius arm bushes and engine mounts.
  17. Well,it was the master cylinder.Thanks very much for all your help!The pedal is much firmer and the brakes really bite now. Don't know why the agent couldn't find it...........
  18. Thanks Guys!I'll get my independent mechanic to look at it on Tuesday.That's exactly what I think is wrong.It has only done 60K KM. We've had the 450 since 1984 and it hasn't even done 40K KM.It is still original everywhere and smells as new everytime you open the door.It is as tight as a drum but a bit old worldly to drive as you would expect.By today's standard,it is so simple and parts are so cheap.We'll keep it forever! Also have a 1978 911SC since new that has 40K KM as well that goes like stink,is a lot of fun and looks and smells like new inside.
  19. THe brakes in this one don't inspire confidence.They are squishy,long travel and nowhere near as good as the LS430 or SC430.I've had the agent check it three times but they say they are normal.I'm not so sure.The pedal can easily be pushed to the floor at the lights and you feel like you could almost drive through the brakes. The LS400 brakes make the brakes in my 1978 450 SE look good!
  20. Absolutely true.I just installed a set of the new Pirelli P7's in 225/60x16 on my wife's 97 LS400.Very impressed with them even after the excellent Continentals.The P7's are quieter and bite much harder.
  21. I'll get it over to the dealer.It should still be under warranty.Do you think that may be the smell?It is absolutely vile and I thought I was going to be carsick.
  22. I drove it again today and I'm not sure it is a cigarette smell.It's more like charcoal and it is as intense as ever. Has anyone experienced this?It is quite nauseating.
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