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  1. Good, you are a great lexus friend. what do you think about my problem? I ask the dealer to check my car yesterday by the electronic case and they say it's the spark's wires. If they change the wires and it"s not fixed? I must try my car before pay the bill? thanks
  2. it's true. I trust anybody ! But i change sparks without want changes beam. i think it's the beam is wrong. I will pay, but it' s the last thing i will pay. Money is short this month... If i have the same symptoms after changing beam, lexus must repair, perhaps..
  3. i come back from the dealer. First they don't have the good case for my (old) car... so, the technician take my car and go to the underground of the garage. After 10 minutes, he comes back and tell me that : BEAM. they change sparks last week but they don't change beam. If someone can explain me what is BEAM? and the price??? Thanks a lot Denis
  4. ok, i phone my lexus dealer this morning. I will go tomorrow yo check the engine with the electronic case. i tell you soon. Some friends say me about lambda sond or valve captor... thanks
  5. hi i have a little (!) problem. I change my spark this day because i hoped that is the problem but not... I start, but immediatly after i feel the counter rpm make a little fall down all the 5 or 10 second. It make a little vibration in the engine too. It's something like a fall down regim uneven. When i accelerate, the car cought a little but in high round the engine run perfect. It does it on position D or P or N. But on N it's very small. i'm very afraid about that. I'm afraid to stop at all moment. must i go to the lexus dealer to switch the "electronic case"?? Please, if you have a little thing to say to me, thanks to tell see you later. Regards Denis
  6. hi all i have a lexus ls400 model 1990 with 123000 km. I change oil last month and filters. This night i hear the engine turning wrong. At stop, the rpm go down all the 5 seconds. At all positions P, D, N... When i drive, i fell the rpm wrong also. I change the sparks in 2007 at Lexus garage. The car has 100 000km in 2007. I will change the sparks this month because i suppose they are the reason of this symptoms. I would like to have your ideés about it. Thanks a lot. Denis
  7. hi my mecanician man don't find the o-ring reference, have you it? i search on family car auto part but don't find it. I hope it exist a ring kit for steering in lexus? thanks to answer.
  8. Hi thanks for the web site !! i'm looking for my spare part on ebay.uk. i asked the seller and i wait answer now. thanks more for your friendly answers. good days for you on driving ls400... regards Denis
  9. thanks a lot for your answer. i will search this part in second hand market. there is a little number of Ls 400 model 1990 in France... i think i will find it on ebay or other web site, but can you tell me the exact name of the part i search? i hope i have more chances to find this in good words english... thanks regards Denis
  10. hi from france i have a lexus ls 400 1990 with 117000 km last week i broke the plastic cover under the motor in front just a piece at the front right i would like to have your opinions and ideas about his replacement i don't have yet the list of part and i would like to have the part number for repair; thanks a lot regards from france Denis
  11. hi from france lexus ls 400 1990. i change my power steering liquid every month. Because every month there is a noise like air in the system. It's tired to do this every month. I hope there is something else whose wrong. thanks all guys for your answers and questions on this forum. We love our cars. regards Denis
  12. i had the same problem. Go see my topic on this forum. Good guys answer me to emptying the oil system and turn right and left several times. cause there is lots of air in the system. After i remake the level with dexron and the tomorow morning : the noise has disappear.
  13. hi all there is 15 days, my power steering noise is disappeared with yours advices. I changed oil and there is no noise. After 15 days of silence, the noise is coming again. The same noise when i turn and accelerate. WHIIIIIIZZZZZE. There is no leak. The level is good. This night, i emptying the oil again and i replace with new dexron oil. I pry that tomorrow the noise disappear. I think, i will go the the dealer lexus in 15 days... i will ask a diagnostic. But i'm affraid by the price... Thanks all guys to reassure me because we love our car. Regards from France. Denis
  14. My car stay several years on the sun and the sub is dead. All forums says that we must find the same : 40 RMS, 2 OHM, 8". On ebay, there is nothing. What is 40 RMS? is someone can explain to me the RMS? 8" is the diameter so, 20 cm. To connect only two wires. It's important for the polarity? Thanks all Denis the frenchy
  15. Here in France, acura/honda legend all years have lots of problems engine. My seller go now since 6 years to toyota. I speach a lot with him. We love Lexus LS400, Accord, Legend, MAXIMA... But we are agree : LS400 and 430 are the best. Maxima is a cataclysm in motor dysfonctions. Accord is good but in made in japan only. Here in Europe, accord were made in England... I have an accord aerodeck 1996, made in USA. One of my best car. But in manual transmission (Bouh!). My father have a Xedos 6, V6, nice car, never problem. 1996. The xedos 9 was the biggest model of mazda. too expensive for my father. In family, we forgot french car, poor quality, bad service. Never made in france... They make french car in the east europe like Volkswagen. BMW and AUdi or Mercedes, certainly good cars but dealers change parts with our money at each visit. here is the story of a little european and french driver. Regards
  16. Well Thanks all. i feel better when i read your suggestions. This day, no smoke. I must be careful and see the next days. Perhaps it's the cold weather. So, when i read the forum about LS400 first generation, i see that the power steering system is a source of problem. I must be careful about it and keep an eye on possible leaking fluid. I see the air control valve in picture. Lot's of work to replace it and certainely difficult to do. what is the major problem about first generation ?
  17. Well, this explain that... My power steering make noise last week, forum tell me to change the fluid. I change it. No noise now... But smoke! Where is this vaccum air control valve? Is there any problem which can explain this smoke? Something with less money... thanks a lot Have you a picture of your car? (my son is asking that!)
  18. hi all it's the frenchy i observ that my lexus 1990 ls400 smoke in white a lot when i'm in stop. when i drive, there is nothing. I see it's when the first drive pass, the smoke disappear. When i wait at the road signal (red) i observ lot of smoke this night. At first i hope that it's the winter is here (10°C). Perhaps... Thanks a lot. I will change my air filter soon. Have you the serial number of the spare? thanks all regards from France Denis
  19. Thanks all. My car come from Saoudia Arabia, but the son of the fahd king leave in Cannes (french riviera). My car is full options. I love it, i love it like united states friendship... I place some chrome trims on my car now. Let's look.
  20. Only air in the system !! i have this last week, it's over now, so, lexus dealer say it's the pump... Only air in the system, see my question in the forum. regards
  21. hi, the ls 400 of a friend in france have a problem with his panel. when the temp is 25 or 30° centigrade the car start and the panel is lightning correctly. but if the temp is down 25 or 30°, the car start but the panel doesn't light ! Lexus dealer in france change neon's light and the condenser on the modul, but the panel is out. Something it flash. i search in the forum but there is no good answer to this problem. thanks to tell me. Denis
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