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  1. thats tight. how much those doors cost?
  2. You can forget turbo with a 2k budget. That's not even a quarter of what your gonna need to get started. Any "good" turbo kit is gonna start at 5k. Then install is gonna be around 2k. Then your gonna need to have it tuned. And then your gonna need to buy boost gauges, boost controller, and all that jazz. On top of that, your gonna need to upgrade the torque converter and tranny, that alone is 2k minimum. And you should upgrade your suspension and brakes to handle the extra power safely. I would suggest you either save up atleast 10-15k before going this route, or consider a good cold air intake, exhaust and header, then invest in an upgraded programmable ECU system and get na tuned, or sell your car and buy one that has a turbo on it already, or is in the hp range your looking for. alright well you know the price of a good cold airintake system and an exhaust and header would be?
  3. i have no mechanical backround so i would need someone to install it. i want it to be around 320-350. I'm working with a 2,000 dollar budget and i havent preped the car for anything yet.
  4. yep i wanna buy one what brands should i look at, why can i buy them, how much will they run me and where could i get it installed? thanks i have a is 300 sedan
  5. yeah so i want to make my cars sound louder when excelerating and when turing on my car. but not honda civic tuner loud like classy powerful loud. does anybody know what i can add to my car to get these results? thanks
  6. no i didnt replace my head unit because the guy installing it said my stockone is better but i will eventually most likely. but thanks for the advice ill see what i can do tomorrow.
  7. killahump21

    killa's lexus

    pictures of my lexus
  8. i just bought a pair of alpine subs and a punch amplifier and i was wondering what type of door mounted speaker would be best for this set up. So that the sound is equal to or louder than the bass. Thanks. oh and my car make is an 02 is 300 if that has anything to do with it.
  9. i just got this done yesterday. they are really loud and i look them alot. they take up alot of space tho so i no longer have any trunk room.
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