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  1. To update this problem: I was able to lower the steering wheel by pushing on the round fiber gear at the 6 o'clock position thus better engaging the worm gear with normal use of the tilt switch. Now that the worm gear holds the round gear in the proper position it is easier to extract. Instead of paper clips, I utililized a single small wall type picture hanger with the hook bent at 90 degrees. With the nail end of the hanger held with needle nose pliers, it was easy to slide the hook end behind the round gear and nudge around the circumference until it came free. Installing a thin washer behind the round gear (as previously described) seems to do the trick.
  2. Problem now resolved. Solution: Problem was a loose connection on the backside of the speedometer.
  3. Progress comment: replaced transmission speed sensor, no help. Now trouble shooting cruise control and speedmeter cluster.
  4. As additonal information to the SC300 speedo problem above, if pertinent: the oddometer operates normally. Thanks for any trouble shooting input.
  5. As original owner of a 93 300 SC with 52000 miles this vehicle has been absolutely trouble free until about a month ago when the speedometer began to operate intermittently. While operation was normal at most times, on occasion the speedometer remained at zero. Now (during the last few days) the speedo is not moving off the zero peg at all. Having reviewed the few threads describing similar but not the same problem I'm searching for the probable sources of the failure for my own peace of mind but also for guidance as to whether this could be handled by my local and reliable mechanic or requires Lexus service?