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  1. Can anyone tell me how to access this side marker light (the bulb under the amber lens)? It is front driver's side on 2006 GS300. Appreciate the help.
  2. I replaced my battery and my moonroof now does not seem to function in 'auto" mode. Meaning, when I depress the open or close button fully and let go, it does not automatically go to its full close/full open position. The issue is that it's hard to get it to stop perfectly in the closed position in order that it doesn't have a draft or leak water. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Got new tires for my '06 GS300. When they put the tires on, they did a "free" alignment check. 2 front wheels were off, one by 10 degrees, the other by 20 degrees. They, of course, recommend alignment. Can anyone tell me if this is a minimal amount or if 10/20 degrees off is significant? Of note, my replaced tires wore evenly x 4.
  4. I see... sorry to have doubted you. The AWD and RWD vehicles obviously come with different rated tires then. Here again, the place I was looking to purchase has policy to not put on lower rated tires than original equipment, though. He gave me the impression that this is industry practice.
  5. Actually, the rating is ZR, according to this website, which is higher than "V". Many tire places are apparently unwilling to mount tires of a lesser rating than the original tires.
  6. I need tires for '06 GS300. I only got about 21K miles out of the original Yokohamas, despite the fact that I drive like an old lady. Went to local tire place and they stated that since it is "W"-speed rated, they strongly recommended that I not go down in speed rating, to say "H" or "V"-rated tires, as it would pose a safety risk. He stated that the car is engineered for a certain rated tire and changing it would not be safe. He did say I could move to a higher speed rating, but not a lower one. Is that true or false? Several issues. There is slim pickins for tires in this category c
  7. Hello to all... I need new tires for my '06 GS300 (No uneven wear, but 21K miles only!). This is the first vehicle I have owned with low tire pressure sensors. No Lexus dealer all that close to me, so I would prefer to do local (Toyota, Sears, Firestone). Can anyone do it with the sensors. When I purchase new tires do I need to restrict my choices to tires that accomodate pressure monitors? Also, have others only gotten about 20K miles out of the factory tires or is it my driving?
  8. I have been disappointed in the reception in my '06 GS 300. Radio stations that we get fine in our other 2 vehicles (one a Prius/one an Acura) and friends of mine get clearly are commonly with static and at other times come in fine, depending on weather and cloud cover. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Chalk up another to the list. Just had my passenger side mirror replaced because it got stuck in the "down" position. The dealer had obviously seen it before, since he nonchalantly told me it would need to be replaced when I described the issue.
  10. I have the same experience with my GS. Weak flow with ventilation seats. Even on high, it is hard to feel. Major assistance is that it keeps you from "sticking" to the hot leather.
  11. I have been irritated with this same issue as well since I got the vehicle. The obvious solution from Lexus' standpoint is to have the sensing function in addition to the intermittent function that is standard, not in place of it. No fix to my knowlege.
  12. Turn Off Seat Belt Buzzers: ... :D Worked great-- thank you so much-- that was horribly annoying.
  13. Pertaining to 2006 GS300 -- does anyone know if there is a tripometer? The reset on the distance seems to reset automatically each time the engine starts. Additionally, there does not seem to be any tenths of a mile indicator on the vehicle. Thoughts?
  14. Would anyone be able to tell me how to program the vehicle so that the seats, steering column, etc. go to the preset settings when one turns on or starts the vehicle? This was done for me upon purchase last year, but I have now replaced the battery in the fob. Amazingly, this does not appear to be covered in the owner's manual. Thanks in advace for your interest and assistance.
  15. The reset worked great. Thanks for the good advice and your interest. Going to the dealer is great, but this took 10 seconds and I didn't have to burn a half day doing so. Greatly appreciated.
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