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  1. There is a bad vibration on my steering wheel when the car reaches about 65 mph. I have brand new tires ( all four, 2 weeks old ), have pretty new shocks ( all four about a year 1/2 old ) and alignment is done a year ago. What could be wrong ?? helpp ??
  2. Hi, I have an 94 es300 with about 180000 miles on it. Recently, this is the problem, when I start the car and drive, everything seems normal. When driven for about 2 miles, the car has trouble accelerating especially when you make a stop and letting go the gas, plus the brake pedal becomes harder and harder each time. This is a slow reaction where it gets worst the more you drive. It will eventually stop goin once you release the gas pedal. It seems like something is holding on to the wheels. I have replaced my transmission about 2 years ago. I have no idea what this could be. Can anyo
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